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New Video: Tyler The Creator & Domo Genesis “Sam Is Dead”

Odd Future drops off the short film for “Sam Is Dead,” a cut off the collective’s currentThe OF Tape, Vol. 2 album. If you follow the crew, then expect a creative no so ordinary video that stars Tyler, The Creator, Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt, Lionel “L-Boy” Boyce, Lucas Vercetti, and more. Along with scoring the mini-movie, Tyler, The Creator also takes the directorial chair under his alias Wolf Haley.

Sit back and watch “Sam Is Dead” below….


Windows 8 renames Windows Explorer, File Explorer to help you find files instead

Come gather ’round PCs, wherever files roam, and admit Windows Explorer, simply has to go. And accept it that soon, your OS’ll be Metro. If your file finding time is worth savin’ — then you better get used to File Explorer instead, for the times they are a-changin’.

Light Trail Photographs by Joel James Devlin

Light Trail Photographs by Joel James Devlin photography long exposure light

Light Trail Photographs by Joel James Devlin photography long exposure light

Light Trail Photographs by Joel James Devlin photography long exposure light

Light Trail Photographs by Joel James Devlin photography long exposure light

Light Trail Photographs by Joel James Devlin photography long exposure light

By his own account London-based photographer Joel James Devlin has spent enormous amounts of time over the past few years examining and perfecting the effects of moving light through long exposure photographs. In the amazing photos above Devlin has experimented with lights on various bodies of water in a series called Light Waves and Dark Currentsand the others are the result of 50-minute exposures of airplane trails over the skies of London. See much more on his website, and if you liked this also check out the work of Lee Eunyeol, and Barry Underwood.

Chrome 20 browser released: exclusive 64-bit Linux Flash, fewer MacBook crashes

If your new MacBook is having kernel panics, or you’re forced to run a 32-bit browser in Linux because you need Flash, Google’s brought relief with version 20 of Chrome. While acting sheepish about “yet another release,” the Chrome Blog said “hundreds of bugs” were fixed, including a MacBook resource leak issue which was temporarily patched by disabling some GPU features. Also, Linux users will finally get full 64-bit support for Flash with Adobe’s PPAPI “Pepper” version, but since it was made exclusivelyfor Chrome, Penguin users will be stuck with that browser if they want the feature. To get it, check the source after the br… oh, right, background update. Nevermind.

Instagram adds Photo Page to web: new colors, user comments, not much else

Instagram’s been moving along briskly with its Android and iOS apps, but the hipster-tinter-photo-sharing-Facebook acquisition’s web presence has been lagging behind in comparison. But there’s good news now if you’re desk-bound thanks to the new “Photo Page,” which lets you log in, change your profile and add comments or likes to images. The other tweak is a fresh look for the site, matching the app with a blue, dare we say, Facebook-esque theme and larger images, no doubt to show off those mega-megapixel smartphone cameras. It’s likely a first step in unifying its web offering and apps, and with a name like Photo Page, no one can accuse it of wasting that Facebook booty on marketing whizzes.

World’s smallest 4K USB 3.0 camera delivers 21 frames per second, fits in pockets

After proving that a 1080p webcam on USB 3.0 was possible, to the surprise of none, Point Grey’s latest addition is a little more impressive, This “ice-cube sized” camera can pipe 4,096 x 2,160 images through that capacious USB 3.0 port, using Sony’s new IMX1221 Exmor R sensor. Thanks to its size, the camera is geared toward business-centric applications, including broadcasting and high-resolution optical inspection — which goes some way to explaining the $945 retail price. The full technical spec sheet waits in the press release, right after the break.

BMW and Toyota sign deal to collaborate on sports car and EV technology

There’s not a lot of specifics to be had on this one just yet, but BMW and Toyota have inked a new deal that will see them collaborate on far more than the batteries they’ve already agreed to work on together. According to the automakers, the new arrangement will see them focus on four key areas: a fuel cell system, powertrain electrification, lightweight technologies and, last but not least, joint development of the “architecture and components for a future sports vehicle.” Unfortunately, neither party is offering much indication about the types of vehicles we might see as a result. BMW’s Norbert Reithofer said only that the goal of the partnership is to “further strengthen our competitive position in sustainable future technologies,” while Toyota’s Akio Toyoda notes that “BMW and Toyota both want to make ever-better cars,” and that he’s “excited to think of the cars that will result from this relationship.”

Visualized: The iPhone five years after launch

In case you somehow missed it, today is an important milestone in technology nostalgia: it’s the fifth anniversary of the original iPhone’s launch. We’ll let you explore the memories of that insane day on your own terms, but ComScore has produced a visual breakdown of just how ownership has grown and shifted over the years. It’s not hard to see that adoption has been on an accelerating curve, especially after the 2010 launch of the Retina display-toting iPhone 4: as of this past May, about three quarters of owners have either the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4S. And the 2007 edition? Only two percent of all iPhone owners are still actively holding on to the aluminum-clad debut model, which suggests most would rather have Siri than reminisce. Whether you’re a fan or have since moved on to a competitor, the chart is a reminder of just how far one of Steve Jobs’ biggest projects has come.

Weeds Season 8 Clips: Nosy Neighbors And Tapioca

In just under a week, Showtime will premiere the eighth season of Weeds. Now that we’re closing in on the big return of the popular pot-focused drama series, we have some actual clips from the episode to share with you. But for those who want to go into this season not knowing anything about where things pick up, look no further as both of these videos reveal characters whose fate was left undetermined after the seventh season finale.

When Season 7 ended, Nancy Botwin and her family were enjoying a meal together outside, while someone was lurking in the trees with a gun pointed at them. Who got shot? These clips don’t give that away, but they do show two of the Botwins, which likely means that neither of them were hit. I’m not going to draw any assumptions as to what exactly happened, who shot who, if anyone, and who may have gotten hurt, but check out these clips and see what you come up with…

In this one, Nancy’s elderly neighbors are peeping over the fence to see what all the ruckus is about. Of course, by the time they got the ladder set up, everyone was gone… except one person.

So Shane appears to be ok. From what we saw of the backyard, there’s one overturned chair and a pool of what could be blood on the ground.

This next one takes place at a hospital and has one character looking stressed and unusually downcast.

It must take something serious for Andy to be as mopey as we see him in the clip above. Of course, he still manages to work some banter in when the subject of tapioca and possibly being hit-on comes up. Showtime’s description for the video mentions that the man Andy’s speaking to is a Rabbi. We know Andy was once actively pursuing a religious lifestyle (mainly to get out of joining the military). Perhaps this discussion will lead to some deeper talk about religion? We’ll have to wait and see. Evidently, someone’s in the hospital, but hopefully whatever the injury was (gunshot or otherwise), they’ll be ok. And then, of course, there’s the matter of wondering who pulled the trigger…