The Greatest Innovation in Packing Tape Since the Sticky Side

If you’ve ever marveled at how easy it is to open a padded shipping envelope thanks to its built-in rip cord that tears through the material, you’ll instantly understand why this enhanced roll of packing tape is pure genius.

The aptly-named Rip Cord tape has a thin plastic strip running down the middle that can be used to easily split it in half, freeing you from having to use scissors, or even a sharp knife that has the potential to also slice through to what’s inside the box. The tape also comes with a special dispenser that includes a perforated cutting edge that leaves a tab at the sliced edge so it’s easy to grab and yank the cord. So here’s to hoping that Quirky can make this concept a reality, and soon.

The Greatest Innovation in Packing Tape Since the Sticky Side


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