Weeds: Season 8 Episode 6: Allosaurus Crush Castle – TV Review

Getting a job in this economy is hard. We’d imagine it’d be even harder for a drug-dealing ex-con, with a bullet in her brain. But we’d be wrong. With a resume that’s all fluff and a criminal record, Nancy Botwin can get into just about anywhere. On last night’s Weeds, our beloved widow got a real job. It was a proud, yet strange moment. Come to think of it, all of “Allosaurus Crush Castle” was pretty strange.


The Players:

Episode Title: “Allosaurus Crush Castle”

Nancy goes looking for a job, while Jill reveals some big news to Andy and Doug. Silas tries to track down his stolen plants. And Shane fabricates an ingenious plan to score some extra spending money at the police academy.

The Good:

  • Father Andy (Part 1): Here’s a few things we know about Andy: He’s Jewish. He likes to cook, eat and have sex — sometimes all at the same time. Plus, he loves kids. He’s even willing to father a baby that isn’t his. That’s why when Jill announced to him and Doug that she was pregnant, we knew he’d jump right on board. Besides that, Andy craves change. He wants to grow up. But he’s stuck. He’s been stuck since we met him. When he moved in with Nancy, she asked him how long he’d be there and he said, “Just until I figure my life out.” It’s been 8 years and Andy is still in limbo. That’s why making Andy a father would be perfect. Heck, it’s a genius notion because that would be the thing that pushes him to become a real adult. 
  • Home Video: There’s a moment in the episode when Shane records Stevie and his quirky new friend Kyle playing Occupy Wall Street. Stevie acts as the protester and Kyle pepper sprays him with fun string. It’s a cute moment and a throw back to Shane’s own homemade terrorist video
  • Doug’s Outfit: God! What look was Doug going for last night? He looked like a metro-sexual tennis player from the 40s. It was awesome.

The So-So:

  • Father Andy (Part 2): Andy and Jill’s relationship has never felt real. We’ve been saying this since day one. Their thing just felt like sex or something for these characters to do while Nancy was in the hospital. But it is real. So real that Jill’s having a baby that could very possibly be Andy’s. While this seems like the next natural step to happen to him, it feels wrong because it’s happening with her. We’ve never felt an actual connection between these two characters. They don’t have chemistry, they have sex. We also find it a bit upsetting that Doug may also be the father, and that one day Andy will have to participate in a paternity hearing with him. No offense to Doug, but Andy deserves a lot better than that. 
  • Everything in its Right Place: It’s silly how things can go from being total crap to totally perfect. Just last week, Nancy’s future was left up in the air when she decided to throw all of her income/supply/weed into the dumpster. But now, she’s found an amazing legal job that coincides with what she’s been doing for the past 8-years. She’s getting into the pharmaceuticals business and bringing Silas with her. It’s perfect for both of them, but also total nonsense. How can this happen? Nancy got this job by babysitting a man’s child for one night. Are we suppose to believe that it’s this easy? Or is it that this is what Nancy deserves after all she’s been through? Maybe it is what she deserves, but everything seems to be falling into place too nicely. Let’s not forget, Nancy is an ex-con who went to prison for murder. Someone please give her a background check! It’s not that we don’t want to see Nancy succeed. We want to see her thrive. But at the same time, don’t wrap up this series with a nice bow. Weeds isn’t that kind of show.

The Quotable:

  • “I’m too old to run out on another kid.”
  • “Maybe this is a chance to do it right. Raise a good kid, not gay.”


With half of the season left to go, this is what we know: Andy might finally grow up by fathering Jill’s baby, Nancy is going straight and bringing Silas with her. Both of these plot developments seem right. These things needed to happen to wrap up the series. But we’re having a lot of trouble figuring out how we got here. It just seems too perfect to be true.

Rating: 6.5/10

Weeds airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.



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