Speck WanderFolio Is A Sleek iPad Case With A Handy Special Feature

The WanderFolio is a new iPad case from Speck that combines a form-fitting cradle with a sleek, faux leather cover. Its special feature is that its front cover opens up to reveal a series of six “hideaway” pockets, designed to house your documents, cash, and credit cards while you’re on the go.

On the inside of the front cover, you’ll find a soft, velvety finish that’ll sit nicely against your iPad’s display without scratching it, while removing greasy fingerprints and smudges. It also features built-in magnets that’ll wake your iPad when you open it up, and put it to sleep when you close it, and a magnetic lock to keep the cover closed.

The WanderFolio provides access to your iPad’s dock connector, headphone jack, camera, volume buttons and mute switch, and its sleep/wake button.

The Good

The WanderFolio looks good, especially if you like your iPad cases to be subtle and sophisticated. Its sleek, slimline form factor doesn’t add too much bulk to your device — providing you don’t fill those pockets with too much — and the black faux leather finish seems to hold up well against scuffs and scratches. It’s also easy to wipe clean after being subjected to your kids’ sticky fingers.

The WanderFolio is comfortable to hold and carry, and the magnetic lock on its front cover ensures the case stays closed when you want it to. Drop your iPad and it’s not going to open up mid-air and leave your screen exposed. The “bump-proof” bezel surrounding your device will ensure its back, sides, and corners are protected, too.

Speck WanderFolio Is A Sleek iPad Case With A Handy Special Feature [Review]

And the bezel especially is nice and robust. It’s thick enough to withstand a fair amount of abuse, and it’s going to be a great shock absorber when your iPad takes those inevitable falls.

The WanderFolio’s hideaway pockets are ideal for storing your credit cards, cash, and even notes and small documents while you’re on the go. What’s more, the pocket uses a button clasp to stay closed, so it won’t flap open every time you open the case.

You’ll have to keep an eye on how much you stuff in there, though, because even just a few items will expand the front cover and add bulk to your device.

The WanderFolio offers a number of different viewing angles that will elevate your device for typing, and stand it up for watching movies. What’s great is that for the latter, you can alter the angle to suit you; your device sits on the front cover, and so there are no limits.

Finally, the WanderFolio is a Speck case, which means it’s a high-quality product, with a fantastic finish and impeccable build quality. You know it’s going to keep your iPad safe, withstand everything you throw at it, and you know it’s going to last.

Speck WanderFolio Is A Sleek iPad Case With A Handy Special Feature [Review]

The Bad

While the WanderFolio is sleek, it’s also a tad weighty, so expect your already heavy iPad to get a little heavier.

I’ve mentioned this above, but it’s worth stressing again: You’ll need to keep an eye on what you stash in those hideaway pockets if you want to keep bulk to a minimum. It’s surprising how quickly the front cover balloons once you start adding your cards and cash, and this is particularly annoying when you’re holding your iPad to read a book or browse the web. You might as well be reading a real book — it gets that thick.

Finally, I’d say the WanderFolio is a tad expensive at $69.99, especially since it doesn’t employ real leather. However, you do get a one-year warranty with that, and again, it’s from a brand you can trust.

Speck WanderFolio Is A Sleek iPad Case With A Handy Special Feature [Review]

The Verdict

I like the WanderFolio a lot, and it’s a case I’ve gone back to quite a few times since testing. If you don’t need the hideaway pockets, then the WanderFolio isn’t for you, because you’ll be adding extra bulk unnecessarily.

But if you do want the pockets, the WanderFolio is well worth a look. It’s particularly useful when you’re traveling, because it allows you to pack your wallet away in your back or case, and just keep the cards you need with your iPad.

It’s also as protective as you’d like an iPad case to be, while maintaining a minimalist and sophisticated form factor.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Speck WanderFolio Is A Sleek iPad Case With A Handy Special Feature [Review]

Speck WanderFolio Is A Sleek iPad Case With A Handy Special Feature [Review]

Speck WanderFolio Is A Sleek iPad Case With A Handy Special Feature [Review]


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