Niagara Falls’ Stunning Festival of Rainbow Lights

The power of the waterfalls at Niagara Falls, on an average day, is stunning. So imagine topping that immense beauty with a brilliant, colorful light show during the Niagara Falls Winter Festival of Lights. Since 1860, lighting up the falls at night has been a ritual celebrated in order for visitors to enjoy the majestic beauty of the falls after the sun sets. The festival takes place during many of the darkest days so that visitors can gather to witness the gorgeous illumination across the course of seven hours each night.

A total of twenty-one lights, each 30 inches in diameter, are used to create the rainbow of lights along the waterfalls. According to the website, each light has a brilliance of 250 million candlepower! You can view this spectacle of lights until 10pm during the months of January through April, and then through midnight during the rest of the year.









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