Borderlands 2 Come and Get Me Trailer

“People of Pandora, this is Handsome Jack — your hero.” Things have changed around Pandora since the events of the original Borderlands. Handsome Jack is running the show now and Vault Hunters are as loathed as ever. Developers Gearbox Software put out a new trailer today titled “Come and Get Me” that helps establish the relationship between Handsome Jack and Borderlands 2‘s new Vault Hunters.

Maximizing its brief time in existence, the new trailer also serves as a brief introduction to the four different classes in Borderlands 2, showing off some of the typical gameplay they’ll involve. The Commando and his turrets, theGunzerker and his insanity, the Siren’s power of the elements, and the Assassin, who even Handsome Jack admits is pretty cool, each have a brief period to shine in the trailer. Also, guns, lots of guns. That’s sort of Borderlands‘ thing though, isn’t it?

Check out this slick new Borderlands 2 trailer just below, and return to a Pandora that’s as different as it is just like we remember it. Make sure to show it to your co-op friends too, they best know what they’re getting into — what with the robot armies and all. It’s time to get hyped, we’re less than a month and a half away from September 18 release date. Dibs on Gunzerker.



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