‘Breaking Bad’: Real Life Walter White Wanted By Authorities

A convicted meth cook who shares a name with Bryan Cranston’s iconic AMC character has shot to the top of an Alabama county’s most wanted list.

Authorities are on the hunt for a meth cook who goes by the name Walter White — and no, this isn’t the plot of Breaking Bad.

Walter Eddy White is wanted by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama for parole violation, AL.com reports.

The man, who shares a name with Bryan Cranston’s meth cooking genius on the AMC show, was arrested in 2008 on charges related to methamphetamine manufacturing, and was put on parole in 2010.

White was busted this January on the same charges, and after he didn’t show up for his court date in July, catapulted to the top the sheriff’s most wanted list.

At 55, the real-life White is similar in age to Cranston’s character, who celebrated his 51st birthday this season. But the real-life White operates in Alabama, a state which the Drug Enforcement Agency reports has far more methamphetamine activity than in the TV show’s New Mexico.

Breaking Bad is currently in its fifth and final season, though there has been some talk that a movie could be in the works, as well.



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