What Is the Worst Movie of Summer 2012?

There’s just a few weeks left to summer, which means it’s time to crown the worst movies of the season. Peter Travers predicted the abysmal Battleship could make it all the way to the worst movies of the year, but what about all of the other subpar summer flicks that have come out since May? Travers said the Total Recall reboot was “two hours you’ll never get back and every minute is a bad memory,” while The Watch ended up sliming audiences with sloppy seconds when it should have been at least Ghostbusters lite and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Dark Shadows failed in the supernatural genre. But were these really the worst of the worst?

Travers is still making his final decision, and he wants to know your picks: Cast your vote for the worst movie of summer 2012 in the comments below, via e-mail or on Twitter with #ScumBucket and he’ll tally your votes to reveal summer’s Scum Bucket king.


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