Skype for Windows 8 preview, user interface revealed in web leak

Wondering what Skype’s Windows 8 interface might look like? Sure, you could use your imagination — and probably guess the design with a fair amount of accuracy — or you can poke around an early hands-on over at Neowin, complete with a half-dozen UI grabs. While still in preview state, the app appears to be “relatively solid,” enabling calls and chats with “little issue.” From the looks of it, touch fiends will be able to tap around just as accurately as their mouse-bound counterparts can click, with large buttons available throughout. Judging by the app’s current state, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a more formal appearance any day now, letting early Windows 8 users take the native app for a spin before the rest of us get access in the fall. Hit up our source link below for a gallery of screen grabs.


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