Alphabet Flash Cards for Design-Savvy Hipster Kids

Well, here’s a project you’ll either love or hate: Cape Town, South Africa-based designer and illustrator Emma Cook’s “Design Nerds Flash Cards,” which teach kids the alphabet using such examples as “D is for DSLR” and “M is for Moleskine.” While we wouldn’t fault you for questioning whether it’s a bit precious to teach five-year-olds about fixies, you have to admit that the set is head and shoulders above most kindergarten alphabet flash cards, design-wise. However you feel about this, just don’t take it too seriously. Cook calls the cards “another silly little side project,” and in that capacity, we’re well prepared to enjoy it. See more of her work onBehance and at her website.


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I have always been a tech enthusiast, to the point where i have become an addict. Tech to me is crack; Always trying to get my fix every chance i get ! I have always loved sharing anything that fascinates me which again 90% of the time is about tech related content. I used to share content on Google Reader Shared pages ( but after their not so brilliant idea to shut it down i felt i needed a new platform where i could share and distribute content and thats how came about. So keep reading and get Nlyten ed !

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