This James Franco Samsung Ad Is Indescribable

Earlier today I was showing a friend this spectacular Oregon Duck Gangnam Styleparody video and saw a two and a half-minute ad in which James Franco displays the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

My first reaction was: how have I not heard of this before?

The ad is almost two weeks old, but I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about it. It is absolutely absurd.

0:02 “Oh, hi.” Franco looks like he’s either incredibly high or hasn’t slept in weeks. Maybe both.

0:06 Nice v-neck, Harry Osborn.

0:14 Oh good! The tablet has a stylus. What better way to look into buying Enron stock, pull up directions on MapQuest or try to watch a trailer for Titanic on dialup Internet?

0:38 Tiger humor peaked with the Hangover, James. Everyone knows that, gosh.

0:54 Now Franco can add “directing a porno” to his list of credentials.

0:55 “Lots of rest, lots of fluids. Make sure she does, ladies.” That one’s pretty self-explanatory.

1:26 I wish this happened in my spacious two room double at Stanford. Maybe James Franco should come over…

1:43 This feature would have been so helpful in Mr. Rainey’s 8th grade algebra class. Ugh.

2:06 Are vampires known for their productivity?

2:11 That’s not how eggs work!!! My breakfast never goes that smoothly!


Whew. So many impressions. I feel like I’ve earned the right to wear a deeper V-neck than Franco and drink a $6 latte.

I’m really not sure why you would buy the Galaxy Note 10.1 over an iPad or Nexus 7. But Franco’s still cool (albeit a poor man’s Rip Empson). The ad is…memorable. There we go! I finally described it, 300 words later.

Man, I really hope Franco doesn’t Yale Daily News me.


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