Rocket Your Way to Victory in Slingshot Racing – iPad Game Review

Slingshot Racing is a thrilling, action-packed racing game that takes place in a great steampunk environment. The backgrounds and the cars both look impressive on the Retina screen of the third generation iPad.

The game starts with an in-depth tutorial that will introduce you to all of the gameplay elements. Essentially, in this game, your car will continually move forward, but you will navigate twists and turns by tapping on the screen to slingshot around corners.

There are two game modes to choose from: career and tournament. Career is your standard gameplay mode, where you will make your way through the levels, each of which has a different and more difficult track. In tournament mode, you can play against friends.

Your goal is to race against the computer and win a spot in the top three to unlock new levels. It is tricky to get the hang of Slingshot Racing because it requires precise timing to slingshot around the corners. If you slingshot too soon, you’ll spin out in the wrong direction, but if you slingshot too late, you’ll end up on the edges of the track, going far too slowly to win.

If you get behind, you’re probably going to need to restart, and for that reason, this is a challenging racing game that may leave some players frustrated with the gameplay. To move on, you will need to finish levels, earning a bolt with a first, second, or third place finish. Each level has a different objective.

It will take some time to get the hang of the game, but luckily, there’s a quick restart button that will let you restart a level from the beginning if you make a mistake. It’s likely you will need to use this often during the first few minutes that you play, but once you get the timing of the slingshotting down, this is a fun game.

When you’ve finished the regular levels, there are a set of bonus levels that are unlocked when you have a certain number of bolts. You can also play against your friends, either locally or on Game Center. You’re able to play with up to four people on one iPad, so you can play with the whole family.

In addition to 80 races in career mode, Slingshot Racing also has an array of achievements to earn, and leaderboards to top. You can also tweet and share your top scores, challenging your friends to see who reigns supreme as the best racer.

What I liked: This is a unique racing game that’s quite a bit different than other racing games in the App Store. There’s no steering or accelerating – instead, you must use physics to slingshot yourself further. The game has great controls, which makes it fun.

What I didn’t like: If you make a mistake, it’s difficult to recover. Generally if you get knocked into fourth place, it’s game over and you will need to restart from the beginning because you simply get too far behind without a way to catch up.

To buy or not to buy: If you’re looking for a unique racing game that stands out from other choices, this is a good choice. I’d highly suggest downloading the free version,Slingshot Trials, before you buy the pay version just to make sure that you enjoy the gameplay mechanics.



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