Clever Variations of Evolution’s March of Progress

Evolution can be a controversial subject for some, but Paris-based artist collective Maentis has decided to take on the touchy topic in a clever and sometimes humurous way for their first creative endeavor as a group. Their ongoing project titled 99 Steps of Progress presents a series of graphics that parody the March of Progress illustration. Their simplified silhouettes define the modern modern in relation to his neanderthal predecessors through minute yet effective additions and subtractions.

Maentis intends to create 99 of these graphics inspired by the scientific illustration in 99 days. They are almost a third of the way into their creative undertaking and have already tackled many subjects that interpret man’s progression and the state we are in today with the incorporation of pop culture. Browsing through almost two dozen graphics, it leads one to wonder if “progress” is the right word. Is it evolution or devolution?

Prints of these works can be purchased through Maentis’ shop on RedBubble.


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