French Trains Transformed into the Palace of Versailles

Most of us don’t have the extravagant luxuries of ornate high ceilings and an abundance of golden statues to adorn our living spaces like 17th century French royalty. However, if you’re a regular commuter in France, you just might get the chance to play pretend in one of these trains that have been redesigned to give passengers a taste of opulence that defines the Palace of Versailles.

As a commissioned collaboration between the Versailles estate and Encore Eux, the interiors of some RER C rail line trains, which transport people between Paris and Versailles, have been transformed to echo the grandeur motifs found in the famed royal chateau. From the Hall of Mirrors and Marie Antoinette’s music pavilion known as the Belvedere to the royal gardens and library of Louis XIV, the carriages in these reconstructed trains creatively replicate the lavish lifestyle of the excessively embellished architecture and design of the Palace of Versailles with a layer of high-tech plastic film to line the walls.


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