Surreal Storytelling Through the Use of Fashion

La Rose des Vents is a photo series by French photographer Elene Usdin for a theater by the same name. The fashion photographer goes beyond basic fashion photography and stimulates the imagination with these shots. The unusual collection of images present oddities in design and human behavior with the incorporation of plenty of props.

The series displays the photographer’s playful imagination through every aspect of each encompassing scene. The clothes on the model’s back complements the set design and together they form the tone of each frame, much like a theatrical production. There also seem to be signs of true shopaholics suffocating themselves with an excess of accessories, laden with bags from head-to-toe, and drowning in heaps of clothes. As her site states, Usdin enjoys “tell[ing] these stories through the use of fashion” and “continues to take photographs of young models, with the aim of capturing their beauty and their magic.”



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I have always been a tech enthusiast, to the point where i have become an addict. Tech to me is crack; Always trying to get my fix every chance i get ! I have always loved sharing anything that fascinates me which again 90% of the time is about tech related content. I used to share content on Google Reader Shared pages ( but after their not so brilliant idea to shut it down i felt i needed a new platform where i could share and distribute content and thats how came about. So keep reading and get Nlyten ed !

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