Magnificent Chandeliers Made of Bicycle Chains

When you think of chandeliers, you customarily associate them with refined elegance and luxury. They exude a pristine freshness that you wouldn’t ordinarily affiliate with pieces of junk; however, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga’s chandeliers combine the two opposing worlds into one awesome series of hanging light fixtures. In this ongoing series referred to as Connect, the designer’s creations are composed of salvaged bicycle parts from junkyards.

Alzaga assembles bicycle chains in unique configurations with different tiers produced through the precise utilization of bike rims that result in astounding chandeliers and lamps. There is a medieval ruggedness to each piece that is capable of adding personality to any room. Besides the aesthetic appeal, the artist’s intention in creating these pieces is to reclaim discarded materials in an effort to take ecological responsibility for the environment that is continually being bombarded by heaps of disposed scraps.

If you’re interested in purchasing these bicycle chain chandeliers, many of them are available to purchase through the Alazaga’sEtsy shop. Also, check out the short film titled Handmade Portraits: Chain Reaction, below, to learn more about the artist’s process and intentions.



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