Shockingly Surreal Warped Out Worlds

American artist Josh Sommers is constantly challenging our understanding of the world. Deciphering his many surreal images is quite a feat, as you can see here in his Mind Melting Photo Manipulations. Recently, we were excited to come across Sommers’Stereographic Projections in which he continues to amaze us with his distortions of urban skylines, parks, rural trees, playgrounds, zebras and cows in a field, and even the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

In these photographs, perceptions of reality are altered, and rounded lines are flattened in a technique similar to the mapping techniques used for wrapping a world map onto a globe. To create each image, Sommers takes an average of 17 shots of the same scene and combines them into a 360 degree panorama. As a result, many of his warped people, buildings, and trees look like a scene right out of a Dr. Suess book!

The artist says, “Through photography I am able to express moods, emotions and visions that cannot be expressed in any other way. My goal is to never stop learning and photography provides an excellent means to be sure that I attain this goal.”

If you like these types of alternative perspective, you can check out some comparable work by photographer and filmmakerRandy Scott Slavin.



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