‘Die Hard 5′ Trailer: 007 From New Jersey

‘Die Hard 5′ (‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ if you must) introduced itself to the world with the first image from the movie and today we get the first ‘Die Hard 5′ trailer. Yup, John McClane is back.

We’d love to dog on this trailer but you know what? It works. Maybe it’s the classic ‘Ode to Joy’ set to a bunch of explosions and gunfire or maybe it’s the sexy Russian lady unzipping her leather getup, but this ‘Die Hard 5′ trailer works. It’s a teaser trailer (and doesn’t even mention the fact that McClane now has a son) but if it’s only job is to get people excited for a ‘Die Hard’ movie after the disappointing ‘Live Free or Die Hard,’ mission accomplished.

Of course, one of the criticisms lobbed against the last film was that the film wasn’t so much a ‘Die Hard’ film as it was a generic Bruce Willis action movie and nothing in this trailer will diffuse that criticism. It’s a lot of generic bad guys and Bruce Willis with a gun and slick action sequences. It’s certainly a long way from Nakatomi Plaza. (But Bruce Willis does get in a classic McClane zinger at the end that sort of addresses some of those comments.)

But even if it’s not a great ‘Die Hard’ film, it looks like a perfectly enjoyable action movie and a long way from Len Wiseman, which is a very good thing.


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