15 More Cool and Creative T-Shirts

Seeing how much you liked 10 Creative and Unusual T-Shirtsthat we posted two years ago, we decided to make one more list of cool tees.

What’s interesting is that “t-shirt” didn’t even exist in English dictionary until the 1920′s, and only in 1960′s it became stylish and entered the mainstream fashion.

It’s hard to believe, but up until the 1950’s, t-shirts were still considered underwear until Marlon Brando, John Wayne, and James Dean shocked Americans by wearing their “underwear” on television.[1]

This, of course, convinced the public that it was absolutely OK to were T-Shirts, and now, after more than 50 years, there are thousands of creative T-shirt designs out there. Some of the best ones are on this list.

Kawaii T-Shirt

Lighter T-Shirt

Evian: We’re All Babies Inside

Vacuum Cleaner T-Shirt

Halloween Maternity T-Shirt

Clever T-Shirts Turn Butt Crack Into Sexy Cleavage

Long Hair Illusion T-Shirt

“I’m Fine” T-Shirt

Seat Belt T-Shirt

The Revenge

Sharpie T-Shirt


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