Nature Collides as Hot Lava Flows Into the Cool Ocean

Mixing fire and water seems counterintuitive. Generally, cooling water is used to douse the flames of heat-thriving fire. But, in these images, photographers Nick Selway and CJ Kale show us what happens when the two elements collide and merge together into one gorgeous display of nature.

Previously, the adventurous photographers showed us the exciting view from within colorful and crashing ocean waves. This time, they ventured into risky environments filled with exploding lava and scalding temperatures to show us the rare moments when the fiery substance first hits the ocean surf. Often featuring long exposures, each photograph prominently displays a swirl of blue foggy mist, juxtaposed against streams of hot lava as it sprays and melts into the surface of the water.

According to their website, “They are the first and only artists to ever enter the surf next to an active volcano to do lava surf photography.” The vicious moments that they captured are amazing spectacles of the power and beauty of nature colliding into incredibly beautiful images.



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