A Vibrant Collection of Photos from India

Earlier this year, photojournalist Kevin Goss-Ross took a family vacation to India; he shares with us the fascinating story of his travels along with a gorgeous collection of photographs to document his journey. The artificially lit photographs were featured in an exhibition called “Life and Death Between Chai.” Freelance photographer Goss-Ross prefers the use of artificial light because most of his photos are imagined in his head beforehand so they are purposefully and meticulously staged. Currently residing in Durban, South Africa, Goss-Ross is greatly influenced by music.

In the narrative that goes along with Kevin Goss-Ross’ Ten Rupees photos, he said:

In a society where Karma is supposed to be king the people are shameless in trying to screw over foreigners as well as each other. For some it’s like a hobby or a sport. In my ignorance and a rare bout of positivity I had hoped that Hinduism at its origins would be the one religion still untainted by the greedy paws of Mammon. I’d hoped that I’d finally find a religion free from TV evangelist bullies. The holy men will jabber about their life of abstinence from anything worldly: no wife, no family, and no property but will try to lighten your wallet at every opportunity with promises of enlightenment or yoga lessons. They are masters of sidestepping worthy questions with unrelated, pre planned answers which might sound vaguely intelligent to anyone who is less jaded.


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