Photographing the World’s Most Arid Deserts by Paraglider

Coming up with ideas for a photography project can be quite difficult, but one man found inspiration among friends while sitting around a campfire. You see, if there’s one thing George Steinmetz likes more than photography it’s enjoying his motorized paraglider. When the idea of combining the two clicked in Steinmetz’s mind, the project was formed. He would spend the next 15 years of life travelling to 27 countries and Antartica to photograph the world’s most arid deserts by paraglider. Take a look at some of his stunning experiences in the following video:

As one might assume, Steinmetz is no rookie when it comes to photography and travelling. Though his formal education is in geophysics, the adventurer has set out on a number of quests while photographing for National Geographic and GEO Magazine. Below are just a few examples of his work during the paragliding quest.

landscape photography

nature photography

aerial photography
These works and the works from past projects have garnered Steinmetz a number of international awards, including Life Magazine’s Alfred Eisenstadt Awards. He credits the uniqueness of the paragliding photographs to the aircrafts ability to navigate remote parts of the world that are otherwise inaccessible by traditional forms of transportation.



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