Time Travel with Digital Photos

Roads run through places in the USA forgotten by time, roads which meander through places that seem like they have not been updated in decades, if not centuries. Sometimes the nostalgic look is on purpose, to capture traditions of the past; other times the run-down look is simply because the places have been left alone by progress. The wonders of digital photography allow us to manipulate photos in many ways, but in the last handful of years that ability has allowed us to transport the images back in time.

All of the images in this series have been taken in the last few years, but with a bit of manipulation it is hard to tell what year they were produced. Most of them were taken in Alaska and it is easy to see the level to which the state has stood still with time. Alaska – which became a US state in 1959 and was owned by the nation since 1867 – has a certain amount of pride that comes with it. There are few Alaskans that will hesitate to remind you that they are not Americans… they are Alaskans. Throughout the state people tell stories of homesteading land through the 1980s, living without running water or electricity. With this incredible time capsule of a state, it only takes a little bit of black and white to visually travel back decades, if not centuries, with the click of a mouse.

General Store

Absolutely incredible

Hyder Town


Captain Terry's

Abandoned Cabin

On top of the world



Gas Pump

Denali Base Camp

Lonely Cabin

Swinging Nels


Ouray (1 of 1)


California Coast (1 of 1)



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