DC COMICS – Batman – Death Comes to Gotham panel recap

Scott Snyder’s next big story is about to begin and we have the info on how it’ll impact the Bat-books!

  • Panel begins with a plug for DC’s We Can Be Heroes program.  Aiming to help the hunger crisis in the horn of Africa, text “heroes” to 80888 to make a $10 donation.  DC will match it.
  • Panel is Scott SnyderGreg CapulloKyle HigginsPeter TomasiGregg HurwitzDavid Finch and James Tynion IV.
  • Snyder thanks audience for their support and response so far to ‘Death of the Family.’  Says Batman fans are the best in the world and he’s overwhelmed by the support.
  • “First question: AvX… who wins?”  Synder asks.  He and the audience then yell “Batman!” at the same time.
  • Speaking about the Joker, Snyder says he thinks he’s Batman’s family.  He could have picked any kingdom in the DCU to be a villain in.  He really believes he’s come to Gotham because Batman is his Bat-king and he’s his court Jester.  Joker challenges Batman to make him stronger.
  • Teases more favorite Batman rogues will appear in back up stories. (Crossing fingers for Bane)
  • Joker also has a secret on Batman that will come out later.
  • “We’re employed by DC Comics but we work for you.”  – Capullo.
  • Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham then take to the stage.  Huge applause.
  • TALON #1 has Talon coming back to Gotham since he fled.  He’ll found out what happened in the wake of the ‘Night of Owls‘ and hinted at numerous cameos.
  • Joker story to have “huge fallout” for NIGHTWING.
  • We’re then shown awesome assorted covers with heroes having Joker’s face (provided below because I love you all).
  • Tomasi says BATMAN & ROBIN to have “crazy emotional stuff.”  Very focused on assuring Damian and Batman have a strong father/son dynamic.
  • BATMAN & ROBIN ANNUAL #1 will lay groundwork for Joker tie-in.
  • CATWOMAN tie-ins “extremely fun” because of her interactions with Joker.
  • Grant says BATMAN, INCORPORATED definitively wraps up the story he started in BATMAN & SON.  It’s “the big finale.”
  • BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT’s Scarecrow story gets “bigger, darker and enormously grand in its scope.”
  • Snyder hints at Riddler playing a role in an upcoming big story.
  • Focus on Harley Quinn & Joker’s relationship will continue in SUICIDE SQUAD.
  • Joker spent his year away observing each Bat-family member and will attack them based on their weaknesses.
  • Nightwing was never a member of the Teen Titans in the New 52.
  • Fan asks to see Nightwing interact with Titans.  Higgins says he had no plans but then happily said he’ll work it in.
  • Question: “Any plans for Bat-Cow?”  Answer: “Wait till you see what Joker does to him!” Grant jokes… or is it a joke?  Run, Bat-Cow!!!!
  • The Terminus story in BATMAN & ROBIN was trimmed down by 2 issues so it could dive into ‘Death of the Family.’

Now feast your eyes on some awesomely disturbing covers.


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