Great games that support the new iPhone 5 / iPod touch

A few weeks ago, Apple introduced the iPhone 5 with its new, 4-inch screen, and last week Apple dropped a new line of large screen iPod Touches. The extra real estate is a boon for touch games. However, many old apps are bookended by black bars, waiting for their developers to release a screen-filling update. At present there’s not an easy way to determine which games use the entirety of the new screen, so we thought it’d be helpful if we picked some of our favorites to help guide you on your way.

Note: While all of these games have been updated on the iPhone 5, a few may still be waiting on new iPod Touch updates. But, according to the developers, they will arrive soon.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery

If you still haven’t played this artistically-inspired adventure game, now’s as good a time as any. No one has done pixel art quite like Capy and Superbrothers and the increased screen real estate means you can ogle the lush and dangerous wilderness without as much scrolling. This is the kind of game that belongs in an art gallery as much as in your living room.

Infinity Blade 2

In terms of raw graphical power, no one has been able to trump Infinity Blade 2 by Chair Entertainment. The developer’s parent company, Epic, designed the Unreal engine that powers IB2, so that probably gives them a bit of an edge. While the Infinity Blade series was always pretty playable on an iPhone, the wider screen does allow for easier gold hunting and spell casting.

Tiny Tower

There aren’t a ton of vertically-scrolling games in the App Store, and even fewer have achieved the sort of popularity thatTiny Tower has. The added screen height on the iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch means less time scrolling for new tenants, assigning jobs and picking up your rent checks.

Jetpack Joyride

It may not seem like much, but Jetpack Joyride supporting the slightly wider screen is a boon to high-score junkies. That extra split-second of reaction time may just mean the difference between a face full of laser and a pocket full of coins. The free price tag makes it even harder to pass up.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mojang’s blocky phenomenon has been on iOS for a while now, and every time I play I can’t help but feel a bit cramped. It is, after all, a PC game jammed on a much smaller screen. That’s still the case with an iPhone 5, but by pushing the virtual sticks to the far corners, you’ll have more space in the center to appreciate your mighty architectural creations.


This thoughtful word game has been charming the pants off audiences. The latest version makes full use of the new iPhone 5 / iPod Touch screen, though it doesn’t much impact gameplay, since you won’t be able to see more tiles on the screen. And yet, I find it a little less stressful to play when there’s some room to breathe around the edges. Don’t you?

Pinball Crystal Caliburn II

Seems like the new screen on the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch was taylor made for a pinball game, doesn’t it? Well, many developers are still scrambling to take advantage, but Pinball Crystal Caliburn II has beaten them all to the punch. Play vertical and experience pinball the way it’s meant to be played. Well, the way it’s meant to be played on a touch screen, at least.

Wild Blood

Gameloft has been getting more and more ambitious with their titles as of late, but it seems like screen real estate is always too cramped and your thumbs keep getting in the way of the action. Wild Blood, which works great on the iPad, was always too crowded on the iPhone. The latest update brings the resolution up to iPhone 5 levels and it makes all the difference. Just keep an eye on your battery levels!

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Like the Infinity Blade series, Galaxy on Fire 2 has always been on the front lines of a new hardware launch from Apple. It took FishLabs no time at all to support the new screens on the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch, and we’re left with what remains the best space sim on the App Store. This is another game that has always been cramped on anything but an iPad, but the extra space really, really helps.

Doodle Jump

It’s hard to imagine a game that would be more impacted by a taller screen that Doodle Jump. That extra layer of visible platforms means all the difference in the world if you’re trying to surmount your last high score. Sure, it’s not the prettiest game in the bunch, but it remains a heavy hitter, even after all these years.


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