Pokki Brings the Start Menu Back to Windows 8

When Windows 7 gets replaced with Windows 8 later this month it will take the Start button along with it.

A long-time staple in Windows computers, the operating system’s new Metro interface will change how PC owners interact with their computers. To help users who might be making the transition, SweetLabs introduced a new version of Pokki for Windows 8 Tuesday that brings back the Start Menu.

“We didn’t just bring back the old one, “ Chester Ng, co-founder and CMO of SweetLabs, told Mashable. “We agree with Microsoft that that one is outdated, and has a bunch of things that people don’t use. So we decided to take a familiar yet modernized take on what the start menu should be today”

The Pokki Menu in Windows 8 includes a centralized notification center, as well as a smartphone-like home screen where users can organize Pokki apps as well as websites, files, folders, and other Windows applications that are important to them. Just like the home screen on your phone, icons can be organized in any way you’d like. So, if you want one-click access to Facebook or even Microsoft Word, you can have it. A centralized inbox displays all of your unread notifications from apps beside the home screen.

Since Pokki is a creator of apps, such as Instagrille, which brings Instagram to your desktop, the experience works particularly well with Pokki apps and includes one click access to those apps as well as a recommendation service for new apps you might like.

The Pokki Menu also offers one-click access to programs, apps, and settings on your computer. Programs and apps you use often can be pinned to the top of a list for easy access, so you’re not constantly scrolling through the list of all of the Programs on your computer to find the one you need.

A Search function can search your entire computer as well as the web simultaneously for anything you might need, an upgrade from Windows 7 search that just looked on your computer.

You can also manage all your computer’s power settings from the Pokki menu, a function that seems pretty basic on the surface but Ng says is one of the biggest hurdles for new Windows 8 users with the removal of the Start menu.

If you give Windows 8 a try and decide it’s not for you, Pokki also has a setting for having your computer boot directly to the desktop rather than the Metro interface, as well as one for disabling Metro entirely.

Are you going to miss the Start Menu in Windows 8? Can you see using something like Pokki along with the operating system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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