Colorful Poster of NYC’s Colossal Buildings

Designer and art director Yoni Alter just tipped us off to an exciting new poster he’s just completed. (Yoni’s the one behind those famous rainbows and cloud posters we just loved.) Called Colossal NYC, it shows some of New York City’s tallest buildings ordered chronologically, or arranged in order of the time they were completed. He starts with the Statue of Liberty and ends with the Four World Trade Center, which is scheduled to be completed in 2013. Love the bright colors and how he’s included each of the building’s names.

“I’m fascinated by Manhattan’s overwhelming architecture,” Yoni tells us when we ask him why he created this poster. “As there an endless amount of skyscrapers in New York City, I was after the ones with interesting shapes. Coming up with the correct shapes and dimensions involved quite a bit of research. We don’t notice it from our limited street-level perspective, but we are walking around monumental sculptures. Each one has its own character and that’s, essentially, what I wanted to highlight in this print.”



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