Delta Six controller gets redesigned, Kickstarted

Most video game controllers sporting a firearm form factor are a far cry from realistic — bright colors,odd shapes and obvious thumbsticks leave many accessories looking more like toys than weapons. Not David Kotkin’s Delta Six. This gun-shaped controller’s first prototype looked so much like a real rifle, Kotkin told us, it had to be redesigned. An orange tip, whitewashed body and a few less authentic looking components don’t make the Delta Six look any less believable as a digital soldier’s modern musket, but itdoes make it less likely to be mistaken for the real McCoy. The peripheral’s internals haven’t changed though — an accelerometer to help players aim and turn, cheek-sensing pressure sensors (for looking down the scope), faux-recoil and its assortment of modular components are still all on target.

Like all budding hardware projects these days, the Delta Six is looking towards the crowd to source its production. According to the peripheral’s Kickstarter page, the Delta Six will be available between July and August next year, boasting compatibility with the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U and even the OUYA. Pitching in $89 buys the basic submachine gun body (with a free rifle attachment for first-week buyers), and subsequent levels tack on additional attachments, bonus items and more. Kotkin needs $500,000 to make his rifle-shaped dream a reality. Like-minded FPS gamers can join him at the source link below. Not a dreamer? Feel free to read on for the official press release (plus a video and an additional image), instead.

DNP  Delta Six controller gets redesigned, Kickstarted


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