Incredible David Fincher Produced HALO 4 Live-Action Trailer

David Fincher is one of my favorite filmmakers working today, and when I saw he produced this intense live-action Halo 4 trailer I was blown away! The short was directed by Tim Miller, but you can definitely see Fincher’s influence. This is not only a great trailer but an incredible example of how amazing a Halo movie could be! I seriously believe this is the best live-action trailer/short we’ve seen from the Halo franchise to date.

Master Chief’s mind is violated by a powerful new enemy, who in searching for Chief’s weaknesses, finds the source of his strength.

It gives us a little background story on Master Chief, and you also get to see him kick some ass! No joke, this thing gave me goosebumps! This is the team that should bring Halo to life on the big screen! Watch the video below and tell us what you think!


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