Parks And Recreation: Sex Education: Episode 4 Season 5

Things are getting all sexy in Pawnee, albeit in a senior citizen kind of way, in the latest episode from Parks and Recreation, “Sex Education.”

The Players:

Episode Title: “Sex Education”

Record STD levels among Pawnee seniors send Leslie and Ann to teach safe sex at the senior center. Meanwhile, Tom looks to Ron for help with his gadget addiction, while April and Ben encounter a strange politician, which is not saying much.

The Good:

  • Tom, Tech Shutdown: It began in the cold open and weaved all the way through the episode: Tom’s battle with tech gadget addiction – helped along by Ron – was the best of the three plots.
  • Ann!: She’s back and wearing cowboy apparel. She delivered some funny moments while working with Leslie to help sex educate the old folks in town.
  • Donna: She doesn’t even have to say a lot to get a mention because when she busts out with a line such as, “Where can I get lube that is healthy to eat?”, it’s going to be noted as a major highlight.
  • Donna, Pt. 2: This comment by Donna to Ann, and Ann’s shirt, didn’t get Best Line, but it has now been viewed numerous times to keep reliving the perfect delivery and humor: “It’s not my favorite shirt, but it is my least favorite shirt.”
  • April/Ben/Political Robot: It was a slightly unusual mix of story-lines in “Sex Education”, but April and Ben continue to hit home runs every time they are on screen together. The plot with the robot congressman was kinda silly, with no big payoff, but oh my – the laughs. They are the dynamic duo right now on Parks.
  • Woods: Ron and Tommy Edamame out in the middle of nowhere offered up some great humor, especially Tom’s rundown of his Internet routine. Ron handing Tom a rather big (ass) book at the close also was a nice touch to the close out the Tom/Tech plot.
  • Alta Vista In The House: Jerry’s minor scene was great when Tom catches him searching for Yahoo! via Alta Vista. Tom: “Jerry does not deserve the Internet!”
  • Best Line: “April Blart… Mall Cop.” Winner!!

The Bad:

  • Sex Avengers: Leslie’s drive to bring sex-ed to Pawnee’s old folks had its moments – specifically the town hall meetings with the Senior Citizens and the first scene with the ‘sex avengers’ where they asked questions in old peoples’ voices -, but the appearance of Marcia and Marshall Langman didn’t score as many funny points as one would hope.
  • Perd: For some, there can actually be too much Perd Hapley.


A workmanlike effort all around in”Sex Education”, solid writing and acting running smoothly together and delivering the funny stuff to Parks and Rec fans. The little we did get from April/Ben was funny start to finish, yet another example of how well Aubrey Plaza (April) and Adam Scott (Ben) work together.

Rating: 8/10

Parks and Recreation airs on NBC at 9:30 pm (ET/PT) on Thursday nights.



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