5 Games You Should Play This Weekend

If you are still playing Borderlands 2, or if you’ve put it down in favor of a new game during this busy season, there’s a reason to play more.

Gearbox released the first of four downloadable chapters for Borderlands 2 this week, and it is more than just a simple add-on. Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty is an adventure that will take quite a few hours of time with single-player or coop mode. It’s a completely different setting than the rest of the main world of Borderlands 2, and has all the humor we’ve seen in the game’s sidequests.

This chapter is available for $10 by itself, or as part of the Borderlands 2 season pass, which gives the player all four upcoming DLC chapters for $30. It, like Borderlands 2, is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

If you own a Kinect, you know there are a lot of games that just don’t work well with the hardware. They may be hard to play, or the motion controls don’t work right.

The main exception to this is Harmonix’s Dance Central franchise, now on its third installment. The third game takes a new twist on the story, with your characters traveling through the decades to save dance. The controls and dance moves are more fun than ever, and there is a variety of songs to satisfy everyone.

One of the best features is the new multiplayer modes. The “Make Your Move” mini game has two players competing to make up dance moves on the fly, and then trying to imitate each other — almost like the HORSE version of dancing. This is guaranteed to be a party game hit, even beyond normal dance games.

Girls Like Robots

If girls like robots, but hate nerds, and robots love girls but don’t want to be around too many of them, where does everyone sit?

That’s the cute question you have to solve in the newest Adult Swim published puzzle game Girls Like Robots, out now for both iOS and Android. The game has a simple puzzle mechanic that easily turns tricky. You have to sit everyone on a grid to raise your happiness meter enough to pass the level, keeping in mind who they want to be close to and who they don’t.

The art for this game is also very unique; every person is rendered as a cute square avatar. The game is filled with witty bits and quirky humor — for instance, the sounds the characters emit when placed on the board are precious. With a 99-cent pricetag, you’ll be getting a bargain — the game comes with more than 110 levels of content. [iTunes link]

Have you ever thought that rain clouds don’t like ruining everyone’s nice days?

The animators at CloudKid took that idea and ran with it for their first iOS game: Negative Nimbus. You control Nimbus’ rainy bursts as he sails across the screen. The object is to hit as many flowers as possible, but not disturb any of the characters enjoying their day out.

This game definitely is aimed for kids (or the young at heart), especially with its irresistibly adorable artwork. Watching NImbus frown and apologize for ruining a sandwich’s picnic is a priceless image, but it’s even better to see him happy for a job well done.

Negative Nimbus is only out for iPad now, but will be arriving on iPhone in November. It costs 99 cents. [iTunes link]

Sleeping Dogs is a fantastic open-world game set on the mean streets of modern-day Hong Kong. You play Wei Shin, an undercover detective trying to infiltrate the nastiest of the gangs in the city.

As you explore the world, Shin must balance all his actions between acting tough to impress the gangsters, and not crossing too deep and making his police bosses angry. The sandbox world allows for so many possibilities on this theme, and it’s all set in a beautifully rendered, seedy city.

The game is 50% off this weekend only on Steam, and its beautiful graphics favor the PC the best. While it’s a couple months old, it’s absolutely worth getting at this price, so pick it up while you can. [Steam link]



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