More Hilariously Frightened Faces From a Haunted House

Just in time for Halloween, we thought we’d show you a new round of hilariously frightened faces caught on camera at Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls, Canada (see the first round here). Though the attraction is open year-round, checking out these photos during this particular time of year makes them all the more enjoyable. Using a strobe light and a super-fast camera, an ingenious photographer had the idea of capturing people at their most terrifying state.

Compared to last year’s photos, there’s just as much eye-bulging as ever before and guys are still cowering behind their braver female counterparts. My favorite photos from this set have got to the last two, where visitors, already privy to the fact that they’re going to be on camera, strike a confident post. Like a true friend, the girl in the orange hoodie (second to last pic), has no doubt lured her friends into her well-thought out “trap.”

Now here are 21 of our favorites from the latter half of 2012.

If you just can’t get enough, you can see your fill of “fear pics”



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