Urwerk UR-210 Watch Hands-On: It’s An Extremely Expensive Exercise Reminder

Luxury Swiss watch maker Urwerk is among the few top watch brands that can excite both gadget lover and traditional watch enthusiast alike. Their secret is consistently pushing forward in terms of modern design as well as technical innovation. Their new UR-210 timepiece might look like a spaceship, but is really just a gadget to tell you that it is time to get off your butt and exercise. It is nevertheless beautiful, and precision-made.

Automatic mechanical watches are wound by the rotation of a weighted rotor which is meant to move with the motion of your wrist. This motion is used to wind a mainspring. Watches with power reserve indicators like the UR-210 tell you how much power is left in the movement. Urwerk added a novel feature connected to the power reserve indicator called a winding efficiency indicator. Purely mechanical, this tool measures the amount of power you’ve generated for the watch over the last two hours. If you aren’t moving around enough (and thus not generating power), the winding efficiencyindicator goes into the red zone. If you are shaking fists all daylong you’ll be in the green zone.

Urwerk considers this new function to be a novel way for the owner to connect with their watch. Like most Urwerk timepieces, the time is told via a special satellite arm system which looks incredibly cool. It is a fantastically elaborate new timepiece with a complication you might grow to love or hate.



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