Highly Imaginative Surreal Digital Illustrations

Artist Alexander Jansson continues to create all kinds of mesmerizing, mind-bending illustrations in his recent work. Each mixed media scene has a quirky, surreal feel in which lines are blurred and nothing is clearly defined. His soft palette of colors and misty lines create pictures that viewers can explore for hours, continuously discovering new details.

Based in Sweden, Jansson specializes in cover art, illustration, character design, concept art, and graphic design. From poster designs to book covers, his work has been published, exhibited, and featured worldwide. Viewing Jansson’s artwork is like getting lost in a fairy tale. His whimsical scenes include adorable, fuzzy creatures that float along in a cloud; children out at sea, having adventures as they bob up and down on their glass bottle boat; and cars and houses placed at the peak of treetops, shining brightly as if that’s where they belong.



About Nlyten

I have always been a tech enthusiast, to the point where i have become an addict. Tech to me is crack; Always trying to get my fix every chance i get ! I have always loved sharing anything that fascinates me which again 90% of the time is about tech related content. I used to share content on Google Reader Shared pages (http://www.google.com/reader/shared/surdie) but after their not so brilliant idea to shut it down i felt i needed a new platform where i could share and distribute content and thats how Nlyten.com came about. So keep reading and get Nlyten ed !

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