Customizable Steampunk PREDATOR Helmet

I know Predators only speak in grunts and growls, but I’d like to think that a steampunk Predator speaks with an English accent… and theeeen they murder people in the face. If you’re looking to make my fantasy a cosplay reality, then we’ve got you covered. SkunkWorksProps has created this wonderfully designed Steampunk Predator helmet.

Not only is it totally wearable, but you can order the raw fiberglass bio and customize this bad boy to the extent of your imagination… and skill. If you’re lacking in the skill and or time department, you can order one as you see pictured above and below. The helmet is deceptively light, coming in at around 2 lbs. The immensely detailed weathered metal look was achieved by using a combination of waxes, metal rubs and airbrushing.

The raw bio will cost you around $154, and requires some sanding and dremel work. The finished product will run you around $267.



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