‘Die Hard 5′ Poster: Good Day to Die Hard In Russia

The ‘Die Hard 5‘ poster is here and we know that not from the title of the film -’A Good Day to Die Hard’ – which is conspicuously absent but from the giant close up of Bruce Willis and his trademark catchphrase.

In what looks like a fan made poster using Photoshop, this new ‘Die Hard 5′ poster is the picture of simplicity. “Just give me John McClane and a yippie-ki-yay reference!” But this poster just debuted on Entertainment Weekly and is the real deal.

For a movie that had a surprisingly exciting trailer, this new poster will make your eyes roll. “Yippie-ki-yay Mother Russia”?

If you’ll remember, the last movie – ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ – also attempted to use McClane’s famous catchphrase to promote the film with billboards that exclaimed, “Yippie-ki-yay motherfu–” with the rest of the text cut off. Because,get it, he says a bad word!

But OK, we’re still cautiously optimistic about ‘Die Hard 5′ this groan-inducing poster not withstanding. Check out the poster below and feel free to include your best “In Soviet Russia…” joke in the comments.

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ hits theaters on Feb. 14, 2013.

Die Hard 5 poster



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