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Giant Gollum

Giant Gollum wants a fish. This 13 meter long (that is 42.6 feet) creation is found at Wellington Airport in New Zealand. Designed and produced by Richard Taylor and Weta Workshopsupervisor Rob Gillies.

Fun fact, growing up I always watched the extra feature sections on DVDs and from the Lord of The Rings DVD I learned about Weta Workshop. I quickly developed a sort of a crush on the place. I watched the videos, read articles, even looked up what it would take to work there. Unfortunately you have to be a New Zealand residant, so yeah… dream foiled.



SOUTH PARK Does The Avengers

For those of you who missed South Park last night, Matt Stone and Trey Parker“dressed up” as Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny as The Avengers for Halloween in the episode “A Nightmare of Face Time”. Here’s a couple of screenshots showing them off in costume. In case you missed it, head on over to South Park Studiosnow to watch the episode!

Here’s the synopsis for the episode:

The boys are all ready to dress up as their favorite foursome, the Avengers, for Halloween. After months of planning their costumes, at the last minute Randy tells Stan he can’t go trick or treating with his friends. Instead, Stan has to pitch in and help his father with a new business venture.

Super-Villain High-School Yearbook Photos


See, I knew there was a reason these super-villains grew up to be evil overlords! deviantART user GhostHause presents a series of high-school yearbook photos of some very well-known baddies…in their, “ahem,” awkward period:




Rare Behind the Scenes Photos from Ridley Scott’s ALIEN

Here’s a set of rare photos giving us a very cool behind the scenes look at Ridley Scott‘s 1979 sci-fi horror classic Alien. Most of the photos show off the Alien on the set of the film just kind of hanging out backstage. I enjoy seeing stuff like this, I hope you do as well.

The Arrested Development Documentary, A Docu-Comedy by Superfans

Two self-described “superfans” of Arrested Development, Jeff Smith and Neil Lieberman, are behind the Arrested Development Documentary project, a docu-comedy that “explores the trials and tribulations of a cancelled television show way ahead of its time…” They interview the cast, crew and, from the looks of it, a lot of the show’s fans.

Its camera, hand held, its look and feel, documentary-like, its cast, ensemble, its resume, Emmy filled, its fan base, devoted and worldwide, its life, short lived. . .its Arrested Development. . . the Documentary Project, a look into this brilliant, witty and original comedy through the eyes of the fans, cast and crew.

The goal of this project is to spread awareness of this witty, critically acclaimed and original comedy that was canceled so quickly. To do this, we interviewed 200 fans from a cross section of the US and Canada. We also talked with those closest to the show, actors, producers, directors, writers and crew members. Many unique points-of-view were presented, but it is apparent, everyone was dedicated to the cause, it was fun to be a part of, it didn’t feel like a job and the atmosphere was one of harmony.

After our interviews with fans, cast and crew we accrued over 200 hours of footage. It was difficult to cut this down to a full length feature, but we believe you have a great opportunity to experience the crème-de-la-crème of Arrested Development from many different angles.

with David Cross


Will Arnett

At Last, Official Maps of George R.R. Martin’s World, From Westeros to Qarth

We’ve seen some amazing maps of the lands of Westeros and Essos, from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. There are nifty maps in the front of every volume of Martin’s series, but also fans have createddetailedstylizedspoilery and Easter Egg-filled cartographies.

But now at last, there’s an official collection of insanely detailed maps — with versions that track the movements of all the main characters through Martin’s lands. We’ve got an exclusive first look, below.

The Lands of Ice and Fire goes on sale October 30 from Random House, but you can check out some glimpses right here. These maps are the work of Jonathan Roberts, who shares mapping tips and tricks on Google+.

The Wall

Central Essos

Slaver’s Bay


The Known World



George R. R. Martin’s beloved Song of Ice and Fire series, which started with A Game of Thrones, is bursting with a variety and richness of landscapes-from bitter tundra to arid wasteland and everything in between-that provide a sense of scale unrivaled in contemporary fantasy. Now this dazzling set of maps, featuring original artwork from illustrator and cartographer Jonathan Roberts, transforms Martin’s epic saga into a world as fully realized as the one around us in THE LANDS OF ICE AND FIRE (On sale October 30, 2012).

The centerpiece of this gorgeous collection is guaranteed to be a must-have for any fan: the complete map of the known world, joining the lands of the Seven Kingdoms and the lands across the Narrow Sea for the first time in series history. But this is just one of many unique maps that aren’t available anywhere else. There is an alternate version that tracks the movements of the series’ protagonists throughout their vast world, along with more detailed versions of the western, middle, and eastern thirds of the world; a full map of Westeros, combining North and South; one of the Dothraki Sea and the Red Wastes; and the Braavos city map. And here, too, are fan favorites detailing everything from urban sprawl to untamed wilds:
maps of King’s Landing; The Wall and Beyond the Wall; the Free Cities; and Slaver’s Bay, Valyria, and Sothyros.

Never before has the entire scope of Martin’s universe been so exhaustively and fascinatingly depicted. The maps in this beautiful, one-of-a-kind atlas will enrich your reading or viewing experience, provide another view of your favorite characters’ epic journeys, and open up captivating new worlds-plus, they’ll look great on any castle wall.

STAR WARS Characters and Their Rides – Fun iPhone Wallpapers

Here’s an adorably cool set of art called, “Star Wars Characters and Their Rides” created by fettup. The artist took the prints that he created and turned them into iPhone wallpaper that you can upload to your phone if you want. Check out the series of illustrations below!

I’m going to assume you know how to get these images on your phone.

No Way! Someone is Building A Full Scale Millennium Falcon Replica

What. The. Eff.

Times are still tough for a lot of people in America these days, but who says citizens can’t spend ludicrous amounts of money constructing full-scale models of spacecrafts from their favorite science fiction movies? That’s exactly what Chris Lee is doing, putting a team together at Full Scale Falcon (via Geekologie) to build a full-scale replica of Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon and putting him in the running for one of the craziest and biggest Star Wars nerds I’ve ever heard of. (And that’s saying something.)

They’ve really thought this thing out, and it seems like they’re totally serious about getting this bad boy completed. Check out their specs:

Length: 114 feet
Beam (docking ring to docking ring): 81.485 feet
Height to top of body (not counting quad-laser turret): 24.878 feet
Height to top of dish: 30.889 feet
Clearance: ground to landing gear bay level: 7.779 feet
Clearance: ground to outside bottom of cockpit tube: 13.081 feet

Lee and his team are hoping to finish the project in the next 5-7 years, but I’ve got one piece of advice for them: don’t get cocky. Check out photos below of their progress so far and some renderings of what it should look like when it’s all done. You can visit their site for more info.

THE DARK WORLD and IRON MAN 3 Spoiler Story Details

Looking for some big spoiler plot details for Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3? If not, I wouldn’t read ahead if I were you. If you are, then by all means enjoy the spoilers! I did.

The following details come from actor and Marvel Employee Andrew Lawden, who showed up on the Bombad Radio Podcast and ended up dropping some very fun, spoilerish information on the two movies.

Let’s start off with Thor: The Dark World, because these are all new details…

Thor becomes reunited with Jane who becomes possessed by a Dark Spirit, which is connected with the Dark Elves; a race the Asgardians have fallen out with many years beforehand […] The Dark Elves attack Asgard, and they take a huge hit. So Thor has to rebuild Asgard by putting together an army to go and take the battle to the Dark Elves and defeat them. But the only way he can do this is – he needs to cross over to the Dark World, and the only person who has access to the dark side of Asgard is his old brother Loki, who at the beginning of the film is locked up in prison.

So what happens is Thor basically has to negotiate this truce with Loki, and he goes on this great trek with Jane, all three of them. They go to this far side of Asgard, which is being shot in Iceland, where they train and assemble an army to go and attack the Dark Elves’ world.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? I like that Thor and Loki will actually be fighting side by side in this one, and not against each other. Now do you want an even bigger SPOILER? if so keep reading…

But the exclusive twist…is that one of the things that happens during the Asgardian attack is that Thor’s mother gets killed. So it becomes like a vengeance thing. And they were keeping very tight-lipped about what actually happens with Loki, you don’t know whether he redeems himself or he’s still the bad egg.

I hope he redems himself, that would actually be very cool.

Now on to some Iron Man 3 greatness! We’ve actually posted this Spoiler before but seeing it again from a different source basically confirms that it’s going to happen, and I can’t freakin’ wait!

Well, there’s going to be a big fight sequence with The Mandarin, who’s the main villain, which will involve none other than forty different iron man suits. There’s an amazing rescue where The Mandarin basically wants to bring down the American government and kill the President, and he launches an attack on Air Force One. All of them – the President and his men and staff – get sucked out of the plane, and Iron Man rescues them by forming this amazing human chain in the sky.

There’s some pretty spectacular stuff that goes on. There’s an amazing sequence where he has this rooftop house that he builds to store all his Iron Man suits, and it gets attacked by The Mandarin and these gunships […] I was shocked to discover there are like forty Iron Man suits written into this feature in various ways…so that’s going to be pretty impressive. But apparently he needs this Iron Man army to go up against The Mandarin’s forces.

Marvel is doing some awesome stuff with their films, and I’m excited for all the movies that have been announced, and all of the movies that have yet to be announced. The studio has proven that they can and will give us the Marvel movies we want to see, and that they will do them right.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2013, while Thor: The Dark World arrives on November 8th, 2013.

‘Die Hard 5′ Poster: Good Day to Die Hard In Russia

The ‘Die Hard 5‘ poster is here and we know that not from the title of the film -’A Good Day to Die Hard’ – which is conspicuously absent but from the giant close up of Bruce Willis and his trademark catchphrase.

In what looks like a fan made poster using Photoshop, this new ‘Die Hard 5′ poster is the picture of simplicity. “Just give me John McClane and a yippie-ki-yay reference!” But this poster just debuted on Entertainment Weekly and is the real deal.

For a movie that had a surprisingly exciting trailer, this new poster will make your eyes roll. “Yippie-ki-yay Mother Russia”?

If you’ll remember, the last movie – ‘Live Free or Die Hard’ – also attempted to use McClane’s famous catchphrase to promote the film with billboards that exclaimed, “Yippie-ki-yay motherfu–” with the rest of the text cut off. Because,get it, he says a bad word!

But OK, we’re still cautiously optimistic about ‘Die Hard 5′ this groan-inducing poster not withstanding. Check out the poster below and feel free to include your best “In Soviet Russia…” joke in the comments.

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ hits theaters on Feb. 14, 2013.

Die Hard 5 poster