Who’s More Annoying, Fanboys Or Fandroids?

Check out this “Shit Android Fanatics Say” video. Could this guy be any more grating? Get it out of your system in the comments below. You’ll feel so much better.
Hat tip to Android and Me, our sister site, for spotting this video by Mobile Phone Finder in Australia.It appears to be a response to September’s “Shit Apple Fanatics Say, Part 1” from the same outfit:

The Evolution Of The Smartphone

This is an interesting walk through the history of the smartphone from HTC’s perspective. It points out key products, moments and announcements from the companies that pioneered the mobile computer. As the timeline enters the age of ubiquitous mobility, it brings in key stats about mobile usage in terms of data, time, and people. There are also some kind-of-funny jokes.


Microsoft Surface Day 1: The unboxing and bootup

My family’s new Microsoft Surface — the one that I convinced my wife to buy instead of an iPad — arrived this morning via FedEx. I haven’t had much time to spend setting it up and using it as I’d like, but I made sure to document the ceremonial unboxing and first bootup in the office.

In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be posting about our efforts to incorporate this new device into our lives, and also sharing my family’s reaction. My first goal this weekend is to get the new Xbox SmartGlass app working with our Xbox 360 in the living room, because that was one of the selling points of Windows 8 for me. But the big test, over time, will be whether the Surface makes my wife forget about the fact that she had wanted an iPad.

In the meantime, here are pictures showing the unboxing, plus quick video highlights of the first bootup.

Live Wallpaper lock screen support rumored for Windows Phone 8

We’re just days away from the grand unveiling of Windows Phone 8, and it appears that a previously unannounced feature has been revealed. Nokia Innovation has posted an image of what is described as a Live Wallpaper lock screen feature for Windows Phone 8. It appears to show wallpapers that automatically update with live information from first- and third-party apps for Windows Phone’s lock screen.

Bing, ESPN, and USA Today appear to support the feature, with current news displayed on the USA Today version. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of detail on exactly how this feature works in Windows Phone 8. Microsoft is holding an event in San Francisco on Monday, where the company will detail all of the new Windows Phone 8 features. The Verge will be reporting live, so stay tuned for more information on Microsoft’s latest mobile OS.

Microsoft plans to replace your actual windows with Windows 8

Microsoft announces a bold new plan to remove all windows and replace them with a new product it is calling Live Tiles, which bear little resemblance to the transparent windows you’ve been using to peer out at the world beyond.

In a shocking move today, Microsoft has begun a drive to remove all windows from homes around the world and replace them with what the company is dubbing “Live Tiles.” Though they are completely different than their glass predecessors, CEO Steve Ballmer claims that the Live Tiles can replace windows with “no compromises.”

Live Tiles do not open, allow for airflow, or let light in, but do come in a number of neon colors. Though they have none of the benefits of an actual window, the Tiles can display a fraction of a weather report, rotating pictures of friends, or a static picture of the outdoors. Once you’ve paid the $40 upgrade fee and your windows have been switched, the change is irreversible without a rebuild.

“What the hell?! I want my old windows back,” said disgruntled rural homeowner Andrew Couts who shelled out $40 for what Microsoft told him was an upgrade to his windows. “My home looks like a goddamn Fischer Price set. I can’t get anything done.”

Those living in older homes will not be able to directly interact with the Live Tiles, but starting today, Microsoft began selling a new line of homes specifically designed with Live Tiles in mind. Office buildings and businesses with windows will also be forced to upgrade to Live Tiles, though it took them so long to install their last set of windows that Microsoft plans to give them several years to catch up.

As part of the Live Tile rollout, stores that previously sold windows, crews trained to install windows, and companies selling window accessories will be forced to convert their operations to support the millions of Live Tiles attempting to fill the gaps where windows once stood.

Though Microsoft is attempting to eliminate windows around the world, Ballmer repeatedly referred to windows as Microsoft’s future.

“Microsoft is dedicated to windows. Windows is our past, present, and future. We’ll always make windows,” said the CEO before chanting the word “developers” several dozen times to a crowd of aging programmers and journalists. Though homes will be full of Live Tiles, Ballmer claims that Microsoft is, in fact, selling windows.

The world-wide plan to replace all windows comes after several years of testing in mobile homes. Though few mobile home owners have converted to the Tiles, the lack of voluntary adoption has only emboldened Microsoft.

Stunning Original Illustrations by Javier Medellin Puyou

Javier Medellin Puyou is a Mexico-based illustratorvisual artist and architecture designer. He has had different aka’s through the phases of his life, such as “Big Polla” in his very young years and “Pimp Pollo” when he used to be a scratcher. Now, as an illustrator, he works under “Jilipollo”. Ink with brush and watercolour are the techniques he uses the most, and often uses fashion girls with a peculiar expression and mood as his inspiration. I have to say, I really enjoyed scrolling through Javier’s portfolio. Amazing original stuff for the ones looking to be inspired. Enjoy our picks!

Hyundai Vision Hall

Universal Everything invites us to discover this superb video called Made By Humans for Hyundai Vision Hall located in South Korea. Visually stunning, this projection is to discover on video with a sound design signed Simon Pyke.


Customizable Steampunk PREDATOR Helmet

I know Predators only speak in grunts and growls, but I’d like to think that a steampunk Predator speaks with an English accent… and theeeen they murder people in the face. If you’re looking to make my fantasy a cosplay reality, then we’ve got you covered. SkunkWorksProps has created this wonderfully designed Steampunk Predator helmet.

Not only is it totally wearable, but you can order the raw fiberglass bio and customize this bad boy to the extent of your imagination… and skill. If you’re lacking in the skill and or time department, you can order one as you see pictured above and below. The helmet is deceptively light, coming in at around 2 lbs. The immensely detailed weathered metal look was achieved by using a combination of waxes, metal rubs and airbrushing.

The raw bio will cost you around $154, and requires some sanding and dremel work. The finished product will run you around $267.

Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 5: Gaming Keyboard, Assemble!

ometimes it seems like gaming keyboards are a dime a dozen. They are all pretty much the same; you can count on anti-ghosting technology and backlighting along with the ability to record macros on many keyboards. Mad Catz has a new gaming keyboard called the S.T.R.I.K.E. 5 that’s welcomingly different.

The keyboard has a modular design with five different components that can be assembled depending on your game playing desires. The central keyboard section has your tactile QWERTY layout and backlighting with 16 million colors to choose from. The number pad section of the keyboard is removable and has a number of macro keys that allow you to program multiple keystrokes to one key. It also comes with two lengths of cable allowing you to have it closer or further from the main section of the keyboard.

mad catz strike 5 components

The keyboard also has a Control Module with a tiny OLED display and extra macro recording keys for shortcuts, as well as media controls. The S.T.R.I.K.E. 5 also has a three-part active palm rest and two wrist rests for comfortable use. The palm rest has its own thumb wheel and an action button giving even more control over your game.

The Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E. 5 keyboard can be pre-ordered right now for $199.99 (USD), and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Super-Villain High-School Yearbook Photos


See, I knew there was a reason these super-villains grew up to be evil overlords! deviantART user GhostHause presents a series of high-school yearbook photos of some very well-known baddies…in their, “ahem,” awkward period: