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THE DARK WORLD and IRON MAN 3 Spoiler Story Details

Looking for some big spoiler plot details for Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3? If not, I wouldn’t read ahead if I were you. If you are, then by all means enjoy the spoilers! I did.

The following details come from actor and Marvel Employee Andrew Lawden, who showed up on the Bombad Radio Podcast and ended up dropping some very fun, spoilerish information on the two movies.

Let’s start off with Thor: The Dark World, because these are all new details…

Thor becomes reunited with Jane who becomes possessed by a Dark Spirit, which is connected with the Dark Elves; a race the Asgardians have fallen out with many years beforehand […] The Dark Elves attack Asgard, and they take a huge hit. So Thor has to rebuild Asgard by putting together an army to go and take the battle to the Dark Elves and defeat them. But the only way he can do this is – he needs to cross over to the Dark World, and the only person who has access to the dark side of Asgard is his old brother Loki, who at the beginning of the film is locked up in prison.

So what happens is Thor basically has to negotiate this truce with Loki, and he goes on this great trek with Jane, all three of them. They go to this far side of Asgard, which is being shot in Iceland, where they train and assemble an army to go and attack the Dark Elves’ world.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? I like that Thor and Loki will actually be fighting side by side in this one, and not against each other. Now do you want an even bigger SPOILER? if so keep reading…

But the exclusive twist…is that one of the things that happens during the Asgardian attack is that Thor’s mother gets killed. So it becomes like a vengeance thing. And they were keeping very tight-lipped about what actually happens with Loki, you don’t know whether he redeems himself or he’s still the bad egg.

I hope he redems himself, that would actually be very cool.

Now on to some Iron Man 3 greatness! We’ve actually posted this Spoiler before but seeing it again from a different source basically confirms that it’s going to happen, and I can’t freakin’ wait!

Well, there’s going to be a big fight sequence with The Mandarin, who’s the main villain, which will involve none other than forty different iron man suits. There’s an amazing rescue where The Mandarin basically wants to bring down the American government and kill the President, and he launches an attack on Air Force One. All of them – the President and his men and staff – get sucked out of the plane, and Iron Man rescues them by forming this amazing human chain in the sky.

There’s some pretty spectacular stuff that goes on. There’s an amazing sequence where he has this rooftop house that he builds to store all his Iron Man suits, and it gets attacked by The Mandarin and these gunships […] I was shocked to discover there are like forty Iron Man suits written into this feature in various ways…so that’s going to be pretty impressive. But apparently he needs this Iron Man army to go up against The Mandarin’s forces.

Marvel is doing some awesome stuff with their films, and I’m excited for all the movies that have been announced, and all of the movies that have yet to be announced. The studio has proven that they can and will give us the Marvel movies we want to see, and that they will do them right.

Iron Man 3 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2013, while Thor: The Dark World arrives on November 8th, 2013.


Iron Man 3 Trailer Official

IRON MAN 3 Teaser Poster and 5 New Official Photos

Over the weekend Marvel released a very short teaser for the Iron Man 3 trailer set to be released early tomorrow morning, and in anticipation of that first trailer Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios have released some new photos from the film for you to check out!

Most of the photos come from USA Today, which incuded an interview with Marvel’sKevin Feige in which he talked about the film and Tony Stark saying,

He basically loses all of his toys and is forced to just use his mind to rebuild and to face his biggest enemy. He’s ultimately the engineering superhero. He’s so charming and so flamboyant that sometimes you forget that’s what he is: ‘Hey, kids, learn this stuff and you can maybe build an Iron Man suit.’

Check out the photos below and stay tuned for the first trailer!

Updated with a photo of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin.

Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) is left to survey the damage caused when the Mandarin attacks Tony in a very personal manner in Iron Man 3. Kevin Feige goes on to reiterate early statements that Tony is going to be ‘stripped’ down back to bare essentials like he was in the cave in the first Iron Man movie.

The connection between Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) began in the two previous Iron Man movies and grew even more in The Avengers, and the new film will be filled with trials and tribulations that will bring them closer together, Feige says. “That’s one of the things we love about (Tony). It is not a new girl in every film. Pepper Potts is an incredibly important part of his life and his evolution as a hero. She plays a very big part in this film.”

“The goal with Iron Man 3 is to again prove that all of our single heroes are as interesting alone as they are when they’re all together in an Avengers movie”, says Feige.

Seven Iron Man suits in total have been seen in two Iron Man movies and The Avengers, but the all-new one in Iron Man 3 represents the most advanced version yet – particularly in how Tony Stark suits up. In the first movie, Tony had to stand in a gantry for five to 10 minutes to get fully armored, he had a lightweight “suitcase” suit for the second film, and in The Avengers a big coffin-sized case could fly out after him in midair and encase him in his high-tech armor. “Now we see he’s invented a technology that allows him to basically have the suit arrive to him anywhere at any time, piece by piece,” Feige says. “And it doesn’t always work at first.”

Here’s the synopsis! 

Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Stephanie Szostak, James Badge Dale withJon Favreau and Ben KingsleyIron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black from a screenplay by Drew Pearce and Shane Black and is based on Marvel’s iconic Super Hero Iron Man, who first appeared on the pages of Tales of Suspense (#39) in 1963 and had his solo comic book debut with The Invincible Iron Man (#1) in May of 1968.

Iron Man 3 synopsis revealed

Iron Man 3 is set to unveil a trailer in a matter of days, and to kick-start things, an official synopsis has been released.

It’s pretty vague stuff, even by the most lenient of standards, with Tony Stark the only character mentioned – despite the fact that casting news has revealed the arrival of a number of old favourites.

Here’s the full synopsis:

Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 3 pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle.

With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Stephanie Szostak, James Badge Dale with Jon Favreau and Ben Kingsley, Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black from a screenplay by Drew Pearce and Shane Black and is based on Marvel’s iconic superhero Iron Man, who first appeared on the pages of Tales of Suspense (#39) in 1963 and had his solo comic book debut with The Invincible Iron Man (#1) in May of 1968.

“Iron Man 3 is presented by Marvel Studios in association with Paramount Pictures and DMG Entertainment. Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige is producing and Jon Favreau, Louis D’Esposito, Stephen Broussard, Victoria Alonso, Alan Fine, Charles Newirth, Stan Lee and Dan Mintz are executive producers. The film releases May 3, 2013, and is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

We’ll have to wait until the trailer to get more of a specific flavour of the plot then, but we’ll be interested to see how Stark fares post-Avengers. And to be honest, we’re hoping they’ll provide a good reason as to why he doesn’t just get on the phone to Nick Fury to reunite the superteam.

And is it just us, or is there an echo of Nolan’s Batman trilogy in the ‘Does the suit make the man?’ line? Let’s hope Robert Downey Jr.’s not looking for a successor to wear the suit for him just yet. And does that ‘personal world destroyed’ bit have you thinking Pepper Potts might go the way of Rachel Dawes?

Iron Man 3 kicks off Marvel’s Phase Two, and will open in the UK on 26 April 2013, ahead of its US release.

Hulk Vs. Iron Man’s Hulk Buster!

Check out this incredible piece of geek art featuring the Hulk facing off against Iron Man in his Hulk Buster armor… so badass. It was created by CGHUB artist hanho, and this is something I want to see come to life in one of Marvel’s future film insallments! Make it happen Marvel!

The Cost of Being IRON MAN – Infographic

Earlier this week we shared an infographic with you breaking down the costs of being Batman, and if you thought it was expensive to be Batman, just wait and see how much it would cost you to be Iron Man! The infographic comes from MoneySupermarket.com.

Iron Man is one of the richest superheroes of all time with enormous wealth to spend on weapons, gadgets and technology – but how much would it cost you to become Iron Man?

Before you reach for your Platinum Credit Card, it should be noted that Iron Man, like Batman, doesn’t actually possess super human powers, but instead uses his wealth to fund the state of the art gadgets, vehicles and weaponry which he uses to fight crime.

Iron Man aka Tony Stark has an estimated personal wealth of $9.3 billion. The majority of his fortune was accumulated through his company, Stark Industries, which he inherited from his father, Howard. Stark Industries is worth an estimated $20.3 billion!

Stark Industries is a fictional defence contractor that develops advanced weapons systems for the military. With his immense wealth and all that military technology at his fingertips, Tony Stark doesn’t need savings or a loan to fund his extraordinary lifestyle – but how much would it cost you to become this Marvel Comics superhero? Take a look at our infographic below for the costs associated with Iron Man’s suits, cars, home, weapons, gadgets and more!

My question to you is… would you rather be Batman or Iron Man?

Batman: $682,451,350

Iron Man: $1,612,717,000

Robert Downey Jr. Talks Big Action & Risky Stunts in ‘Iron Man 3’

We recently brought you a few updates on Iron Man 3 via our Comic-Con 2012 coverage.Marvel President of Production Kevin Feige (alongside writer/director Shane Black) confirmed that The Hulk will not make an appearance in Iron Man 3 and provided some insight into the nature of the story. Additionally, Don Cheadle spoke about War Machine’s  role in the third installment of the franchise.

Today we bring you some tidbits from Tony Stark himself, Robert Downey Jr., in regards to what we can expect to see in Iron Man 3.

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The actor stressed and reiterated that the film would explore the character’s inner demons in more depth. “We did a little of that in ‘Iron Man 2′,” Downey said. “But if you think about someone who saw the sky open up and a wormhole and fought off an alien species – suffice to say that he’s a little rattled.”

There have been runors that the film contains a stunt sequence in which Downey will be performing from a great height, so when the actor was asked if he was going to give Tom Cruise a run for his money (in reference to the infamous Burj Khalifa sequence in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) Downey responded:

“Well I don’t know. I just said while I’m physically able I’d like to leave it all on the field and I’d like there to be ten moments where people wonder how I was stupid enough to actually do that stunt. Most of all me.”

Iron Man Battles Chitauri Leviathan in 'The Avengers'

Iron Man in ‘The Avengers’

When asked if he was taken aback by the success of The Avengers the actor quipped:

“Well here’s my problem: every time one of my movies comes out I think it’s going to be the number 3 or the biggest thing of all time and so it’s really weird. I cried wolf and one actually showed up this time.”

The bulk of what we can gather is that Iron Man 3, as we imagined (and has been reported), will be a more grounded offering in the Marvel series of films; one that will focus on developing the character in the real-world before sending him off to fight invaders from another realm once again in an Avengers 2. We can expect – as one would given that this is a Shane Black endeavor – an emphasis on innovative action. Of course, time, as always, will tell.

Look for Iron Man 3 in theatres on May 3, 2013.

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Does this Iron Man 3 concept art spoil Tony Stark’s new secret weapon? [Conc…

Marvel is paving the way for some big Iron Man 3 announcements at Comic-Con — starting with this piece of concept art, which seems to hint at the popular Extremis storyline from the comics (which has been rumored for some time now).

Take a look at this new art, posted over at the Avengers Facebook page. The mist around his arm seems to imply the extremis bytes forming his brand new suit! What do you think?

Marvel Movie Round-Up: ‘Thor 2′ & ‘Iron Man 3′ News; ‘Ant-Man’ Test Footage

arvel movie news has been coming out fast this week. First, we reported some interesting tidbits on Iron Man 3 casting and a possible Ant-Man cameo. Then, earlier today, we shared the bombshell news that a Guardians of the Galaxy film is heading to theaters in 2014.

If that weren’t enough to chew on, though, we have a few more Marvel items to share, including some news on Thor 2 casting, a big Iron Man 3 action scene, Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man test footage, and a first look at the logos for upcoming Marvel movies. Read on for our Marvel movie news round-up.

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Dr. Selvig to Return in Thor 2

Stellan Skarsgard has confirmed that he will reprise his role as Dr. Erik Selvig inThor 2. In an interview with Hey U Guys! for the Norwegian film King of Devil’s Island, Skarsgard said that he would join the production when it starts filming in August.

In addition to Skarsgard, Thor 2 will also see the return of Idris Elba as Heimdalland Jaimie Alexander as Sif, among other key cast members. One notable exception: Chuck‘s Zachary Levi may replace Josh Dallas as Fandral, one of Thor’s trusted Warriors Three.

Iron Man 3 Could Feature Earth-Shaking Action

Recently, a handful of behind-the-scenes photos from Iron Man 3 hit the social news-sharing site Reddit showing construction on the now-familiar set of Tony Stark’s mansion.

As you can see from one of the photos below (courtesy of Latino Review), the pictures themselves were not altogether exciting. However, the follow-up rumor (also courtesy of Latino Review) was.

Tony Stark Apartment in Iron Man 3

According to a tipster, the entire mansion set is “actually built on a very sophisticated gimbals system.” To save you a quick Google search, here’s the definition of a gimbal: “A device consisting of two rings mounted on axes at right angles to each other so that an object, such as a ship’s compass, will remain suspended in a horizontal plane between them regardless of any motion of its support.”

Typically, gimbals are used in film to simulate sudden motion. By now, you should probably get the point, but just in case, LR’s tipster spells it out: “This is a set up for total destruction. How do you fight a superhero? Hit him in the most sacred place….his home. Villains of ‘Iron Man 3′ hit Tony Stark and hit him hard enough for his mansion to fall into the Pacific Ocean.

Will it play out exactly like that? Maybe not, but it’s probably a safe bet that a big set piece in Iron Man 3 will take place at Stark’s home. What a shame, too, since he probably just got done redecorating from his fight with War Machine in Iron Man 2.

Marvel Sequel Logos

Marvel has a bunch of films on its slate, but most of them won’t come out for another two or three years. Naturally, that won’t do for all of us fans who are eager for any scrap of information about the new movies. Luckily we have new logos (via BadTaste.it) for Iron Man 3Thor 2Captain America 2, and The Avengers 2. Okay, it’s not much, but it’s something!

Ant-Man Test Footage

We already mentioned the possibility of Ant-Man appearing in some capacity in Iron Man 3, but perhaps fans will get a chance to see the insect-themed superhero even sooner than that.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Edgar Wright “spent just under a week shooting footage for a reel that will be used to test out the potential look and tone of his movie, as well as to decide how convincing Ant-man’s powers look onscreen.

This is fairly common practice for movies that require significant special effects, so it doesn’t mean that fans should expect to see anything jaw-dropping. In fact, they may not see anything at all. Typically, test screenings aren’t meant to be seen by more than a handful of people.

Edgar Wright's Ant-Man

However, the fact that Wright finished the test shoot just in time for Comic-Con 2012 leaves the possibility that Marvel will show off the footage to fans during the studio’s perennial Hall H presentation. We can only hope right?

The Avengers Blu-ray Trailer

Let’s go out with a bang, shall we? If you watched and loved The Avengers (and really, who didn’t?), you’re probably going to pick up the movie on Blu-ray. However, just in case you needed more convincing, check out the newly-released Blu-ray trailer for the film below:

Sources: Hey U Guys!The Hollywood ReporterBadTaste.it, & Latino Review

What’s the Latest On That Star-Spangled Armor On the Set of ‘Iron Man 3?

A little over a week ago an Iron Man 3 set photo made its way around the Internet that had fans of comics scratching their collective heads. It showed what appeared to be James Badge Dalewearing the red, white, and blue armor that Norman Osborn donned in the recent comic book, “Dark Avengers,” where he performed superheroics under the name the Iron Patriot. This made no sense, as Osborn is a character that Sony has the exclusive movie rights to, and Dale was already reported as playing a cyborg character named Coldblood-7. The best theory we could come up with at the time was that the characters of Coldblood-7 and the Iron Patriot were getting merged for the upcoming film in order to create a fancy, new uber-villain – but it turns out this isn’t the case at all.

The Latino Review is reporting that those initial reports that James Badge Dale was the actor in the star-spangled armor were false. It turns out the guy under all of that armor was just Don Cheadle’s stunt double, which makes this whole kerfuffle make a lot more sense. Seeing as Cheadle’s stunt double is wearing the armor, that would lead one to believe that at some point Cheadle himself will be wearing the armor, which means that this colorful tool of death is just the U.S. government’s way of dressing up the already-established War Machine armor and making it look less scary. Thankfully, what it doesn’t mean is that there are even more new villains we have to keep track of in this already jam-packed story.

What’s the lesson to be learned from all this? Clearly it’s that we need to lay off on looking at set photos, even when they’re full of bright colors and fancy props.