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Kanye West’s Air Yeezy II Sneakers to Sell Online for $90,000

Yesterday (June 9) sneakerheads scrambled everywhere to cop the Nike Air Yeezy II, the Kanye West-approved limited-edition sneakers. The kids are so limited that only a few select stores will have them available for purchase.

People are so desperate for the Air Yeezy IIs, they are willing to sell their kidneys for them. Well, not actually. However, an unknown seller auctioned off his pre-ordered, unworned Nike Air Yeezy II on eBay and sold it for $90,300. Keep in mind, that the retail price for them is $245. So, he scored a $90,000 profit on the kicks. Whoa!

But not everyone is impressed with the pandemonium over these sneakers. One Yahoo! contributor suspects that the anonymous seller is West, himself, who purposely bid up the price in order to hype up the kicks’ June 9 release.

He writes:

“This Nike Air Yeezy 2 auction must be a publicity stunt. I’m not saying that the eBay seller pinoyako4life is West incognito. But I can certainly envision West sitting behind his computer bidding up these sneakers just to get some attention. It’s a genius move if you think about it. There’s no better way to promote your product than to make it viral on the Internet. News travels fast in the virtual world. And these new sneakers go on sale in three days. Wow, timing is everything.”

Indeed, and it looks like Yeezy is right on time.

As we previously reported, the Nike Air Yeezy II is the follow-up to his Air Yeezy sneakers in 2009. The newer versions come in two colorways — wolf grey and black — and features Nike’s innovative design and technology.

Both the Air Yeezy II kicks boast anaconda-textured leather panels with reptilian-inspired spikes on the back. In addition, the kicks features a mesh upper, a nubuck lining, fluorescent bottom and a loop strap with hieroglyphics that spell out “YZY” (aka Yeezy). The kicks were molded from West’s feet and redesigned to allow greater movement in the shoe than the original version.

To all the sneakerheads out there, good luck on getting the coveted Nike Air Yeezy II!

Watch the Unboxing of The Nike Air Yeezy II Video by Sneakerhead Stickie213


Kanye West Scolds Fan for Pointing a Laser at Him During His Show

had to admonish a fan for wielding — of all things — a laser at his Watch the Throne concert in Paris. According to Spin.com, Yeezy was performing ‘Flashing Lights,’ which features an array of flashing beams surrounding him onstage, when a concertgoer decided to blindside him with a laser pointer.

West, who is clearly annoyed, tells the fan to stop flickering the laser at him. When the fan refused to stop, West brought the song to an abrupt halt and scolded him.

“You see this guy right here with the green laser. Don’t f— up everybody’s show. This is not a f—ing game,” he tells the transgressor. “It’s The Throne, we don’t f— around like that. You’re gonna get f—ed up, kicked out and all that s—, so chill the f— out. Let’s go!”

You get him Yeezy! We are still scratching our collective heads as to why a fan would bring a laser pointer to a show? The concert has plenty of pyrotechnics and, uh, flashing lights, so the Throne certainly didn’t need any assistance from him.

This isn’t the first time West had to scream at a fan while onstage. Last year, the rapper-producer ejected a concertgoer from a show for throwing a business card onto the stage while he was performing.

So let this be a warning: Leave your office supplies at work before you go to a Kanye West concert.

Watch Kanye West Scream at a Laser-Wielding Fan

Kanye West Talks About Writing Raps For “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”

Earlier tonight, we posted a clip from Ice T‘s new documentary Something To Nothing: The Art Of Rap of Eminemspitting an acapella freestyle in the studio. Now, here is an outtake from the doc of Kanye West speaking candidly about his writing process for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Before that album, he never wrote anything down, but for MBDTF, he made a switch, and wrote all his rhymes on paper. Watch above to find out why.

Jay-Z and Kanye West perform “Niggas in Paris” in Paris

Jay-Z and Kanye West’Watch the Throne tour finally hit Paris tonight, and 11 was the magic number. The duo’s hit single “Niggas in Paris” was performed 11 times —apparently, a record-breaking feat — and below you can watch footage of the first and last of those 11 performances. Update: Better yet, watch footage of all 11 performances. That is if you have 54 minutes to dedicate.

Inside Kanye’s Insane Seven-Screen Movie Pyramid

When Yeezy premiers a film, it’s safe to assume he’s not going to gather some people inside an auditorium and hit the lights. Why do that when you could commission a massive pyramid to house a seven-screencinematic palace?

Kanye’s Cannes Xanadu is probably the closest we’ll ever get to literally stepping inside the guy’s brain—lavish, indulgent, and totally spectacular, the pyramid seats 200 before an array of enormous 17′ x 17′ displays. And how else could he have debuted his new flick, Cruel Summer? It mixes Arabic folklore with Kid Cudi—no ordinary theater would’ve done the trick.

The rap movie megaplex is the first fruit from Donda, Kanye’s DARPA-esque creative firm, which worked in tandem with OMA, a New York architectural firm. It’s exactly what we expected: entirely visually overwhelming, inside and out, combining the look of a parked starship and the decadence of an imperial palace. It might not make sense for, say, a screening of We Bought a Zoo, but it’s thrilling to see West’s design lunacy spill over IRL, rather than just be the stuff of tweets. We want more—but first, let’s get inside that thing. Head to OMA’s site for more pictures. You’ll want to be in there, Cannes or no Cannes. [OMA via Architizer]

All images by OMA

Kanye’s Epic, Seven-Screen DONDA Movie Coming Next Week [Kanye West]

Remember when Kanye went on an epic rant back in January about his new technology-fueled initiative DONDA? Remember the talk of his quasi-sci-fi short film set in 2016, which would be projected onto seven screens? Yeah, he wasn’t lying. It’s happening, and it’ll see the light of day next week.

Debuting at the Cannes Film Festival in France, Cruel Summer will be screening multiple times on May 24 and 25, for free (as long as you RSVP and get there before anyone else). Who knows what this movie will even be about, but it will might have something to do with the deserts of Qatar. [Cruel Summer via The Fader]

Auctions: Jay-Z and Kanye’s wrecked Maybach fetches just $60,000 at auction

Sorry, Phillips de Pury & Company, but you guys evidently had no business auctioning this car at a sale of contemporary art. Because no matter what the dynamic rap duo of Kanye West and Jay-Z did to it, this 2004 Maybach 57 is, first and foremost, a used car. Clearly the art community has voted with its wallets – and decided that the vehicle’s value is about what you could make if you parted it out. Frankly, that’s sad.

For those that don’t remember, the Maybach was heavily modified for use in the music video for the song “Otis,” the Grammy Award-winning hit from Kanye’s 2011 album Watch The Throne. Despite its overt ugliness, the car certainly has provenance. (Did we mention that the song won a Grammy?) We only hope that whomever ponied up the paltry sum of $60,000 for the “Otis” Maybach is either a real music fan or someone who goes on to resell it at Barrett-Jackson or another car auction where they know how to move the celebrity metal.