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Customizable Steampunk PREDATOR Helmet

I know Predators only speak in grunts and growls, but I’d like to think that a steampunk Predator speaks with an English accent… and theeeen they murder people in the face. If you’re looking to make my fantasy a cosplay reality, then we’ve got you covered. SkunkWorksProps has created this wonderfully designed Steampunk Predator helmet.

Not only is it totally wearable, but you can order the raw fiberglass bio and customize this bad boy to the extent of your imagination… and skill. If you’re lacking in the skill and or time department, you can order one as you see pictured above and below. The helmet is deceptively light, coming in at around 2 lbs. The immensely detailed weathered metal look was achieved by using a combination of waxes, metal rubs and airbrushing.

The raw bio will cost you around $154, and requires some sanding and dremel work. The finished product will run you around $267.


Intricate Cardboard Sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Melbourne-based artist Daniel Agdag makes astonishingly intricate cardboard sculptures of buildings, vehicles, machinery, even entire city blocks. Some of the sculptures were featured in his short animated films “Toil” and “Paper City Architects.”His sculptural work will be on display at his solo show “Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make,” October 26 to November 9 at the Off the Kerb gallery in Melbourne.

All the images seen below are made from cardboard ~ boxboard to be precise. They are cut into manageable pieces using a surgical scalpel (blade Nº.11) and assembled intuitively by hand using a plain well known brand of wood glue, without detailed plans or drawings. The process is a kin to drawing in three dimensions with cardboard.

Intricate cardboard sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Intricate cardboard sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Intricate cardboard sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Intricate cardboard sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Intricate cardboard sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Intricate cardboard sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Intricate cardboard sculptures by Daniel Agdag

Darth Vader Made out of Darth Vader Toys

Australian artist Freya Jobbins takes dolls and action figures, tears them apart, then reassembles them into human sculptures. Some of them are disturbing but all of them are well-crafted human forms.

New Life-Size Zombie Pumpkin Display by Villafane Studios

Over this past weekend, master pumpkin sculptor Ray Villafane and his talented team of carvers were hard at work, transforming three of the largest pumpkins grown in the United States into a crazy sculptural display of zombies and other unearthly creatures. The largest one they carved into weighed an astounding 1,872 pounds. According to Villafane, they were going to use this year’s world record holder but “it sprung a leak.”

This year, a life-size, 6-foot tall standing zombie with its insides oozing out, is seen holding a bundle of pumpkin vines, pulling other zombies out of the ground. The team started out at Grand Central Station and then ended up at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx where their incredible carvings will be on display until October 31.

To see the zombies come back from the dead, you can watch a making-of video here. Also, make sure to check out whatVillafane created last year. In my opinion, it’s still the most ingenious zombie pumpkin carving ever.

Dale Chihuly’s Vibrant Glass Sculpture Garden

Artist Dale Chihuly celebrates the beauty of creative expression both indoors and outdoors in the newly renovated community space at Seattle Center called Chihuly Garden and Glass. The space, which encompasses 1.5 acres of land, includes an exhibition gallery, a garden, and a glasshouse as the centerpiece of the ambitious project. Within each environment of the venue, Chihuly’s wonderfully colorful glass creations heighten the charming and enlivening spirit of the space whose primary focus is to celebrate the community’s creative energy.

Each of Chihuly’s glass sculptures reflect the artist’s own flare for art in an explosion of color, texture, and design. Working primarily with floral motifs in the bulk of his work, Chihuly pays homage to his late mother who was an avid gardener. Finding a career’s worth of inspiration from his mother’s gardening pursuits, the artist clearly knows how to adorn the natural space with his man-made structures that, all at once, draw your attention and complement their environment. Whether his sculptural installations are integrated in the garden or hanging from the ceiling of the glasshouse, they appear to fit right in. In fact, the artist has often been quoted as saying, “I want my work to appear as though it came from nature so if someone found it… they might think it belonged there.”

A Wildlife Surprise in your Coffee Cup

Creature Cups: A Wildlife Surprise in your Coffee Cup  tea home cups coffee ceramics

Creature Cups: A Wildlife Surprise in your Coffee Cup  tea home cups coffee ceramics

Creature Cups: A Wildlife Surprise in your Coffee Cup  tea home cups coffee ceramics

I love these ceramic creature cups by design group Yumi-Yumi out of Brookyln. At the base of each mug rests an animal that’s slowly revealed as you consume your tasty beverage. Good to the last dripping octopus.

Guy Makes Papercraft Style Superhero/Cartoon/Video Game Characters Out Of Beer And Soda Cans

Japanese artist Macaon makes figures of famous characters out of cut up beer and soda cans. No word if he needs somebody to help drink all those beers, but I know somebody interested if he does. SPOILER: It’s me. Shocking, I know, but I believe in supporting the arts.

Hit the jump for a ton more including some Toy Story, Pokemon, Mario and I forgot what else.

















Thanks to Harmon and sPilt, who don’t make anything out of beers cans but CRUSHED beer cans on their foreheads.

‘Tis The Season: Ultra Impressive Carved Pumpkin Faces

This is a series of carved pumpkins from Trevor Grove and the rest of the crew at Villafine Studios (of this Predator and one-ton pumpkin carving fame). They’re ridiculous. They can carve pumpkins better than I could carve, well, pretty much anything. Although one time time I did sharpen a stick to a point on the sidewalk. “Daaaaw, does the GW want a cookie?” Would I! I’ll eat a whole batch as long as they’re not oatmeal raisin.

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the impressiveness, including a Chuckie, a new and improved Predator, Medusa, and a couple that look like they’re getting punch and squeezed (my personal favorites).










Playful Three-Dimensional Wire Sculptures

It might seem hard to believe at first but these works by German artist Martin Senn are not contour line drawings. They are, in fact, wire sculptures. Senn’s three-dimensional figures against a white backdrop certainly resemble ink or marker illustrations that have quickly been scribbled onto one’s own sketchpad but there’s nothing quick or simple about them. Upon closer inspection, one can see the number of loops, knots, and pieces of wire that have been used and manipulated to project each object. Senn tackles the construction of ordinary items ranging from the retro rotary phone to the present-day vespa. There’s something very playful about his works that compose outlined versions of invisible things.